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Hmmm.... about me....ok here goes.  I grew up in Florida. Tampa to be exact.  Born in New York City, but by the time I came around, the Grandparents were retiring, and in my family (Italian/Spanish) you stay with family.  So everyone moved to Florida.
 I enjoyed my childhood.  Moved a lot, but had a great youth group that I loved, a great church and have good memories of going to the beach, The Florida Strawberry Festival, and The Gasparilla Parade.   I was raised by my mother, on her own.  She worked in the Emergency room of Tampa General Hospital, and I remember she worked very hard, as long as I can remember, but always put me first.  Even as far as if they had a birthday celebration for someone at work...she saved her piece of cake for me. Grew up, went to Plant High School, and then off to college.  I chose Brevard College, in North Carolina, because my father's family was there.  He had passed away, but I wanted to get to know his family.  North Carolina was beautiful.  The rest is history... My mother passed away at an early age from cancer..  so it was time to leave Florida.  I got a job, moved to NH... Now, I'm married with 4 children, many furry pets and own a gift basket business.   The oldest is now 20 and the youngest is 7.  The business is celebrating 10 years this fall.  10 years of focusing on New Hampshire products.  So exciting.  
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