School District Moves Forward With $16.8 million Bond

Hampton Bays Voters will be asked to vote on the bond on Nov. 27.

The Hampton Bays School District has decided to move forward with a $16.8 million bond, which will go before the public on Nov. 27.

According to the school district, the bond would fund a number of upgrades to the district's schools at no extra cost to taxpayers.

School officials said debt from the 1998 elementary and high school additions is set to expire, freeing up $1.8 million annually. That money, officials said would be used to pay the new 20-year bond.

The vote is scheduled for Nov. 27 and the last day to register to vote is Nov. 20.

The following is the list of improvements included in the bond:

• A new boiler for the Hampton Bays High School

• Upgrade of bathrooms not in compliance with ADA

• New windows for the high school

• Multi-sport, artificial turf at the high school

• Tennis court at Skidmore property

• Redesign and construct of Field House at high school

• Comfort station at Skidmore property

• Enlarge the cafeteria space at elementary school

• Repair and upgrade to facade and chimney at elementary school

• Upgrade to science, art and home/career classrooms at high schools.

• Addition of greenhouse at high school

• Air conditioning in the cafeteria, music and health rooms at the middle school

• Generator at the middle school for emergency evacuation situations

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Baymen October 19, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Every conversation I have heard about referring to the school bond was based on a 15 year scenario? This article refers to a 20 year scenario. 16.8 million over 15 years...as compared to 20 years is a big deal. If our last bond was a 15 year bond...why are we going to a 20 year bond??? Just to get more money out of a community that is already tapped out? Why not ask for less so that we can keep the 15 year scenario....thereby staying truthful to the community. If we go down this road...why not ask for 20 million and have a payoff over 30 years? This does not garner good will within the community and should not be allowed. Keep it at 15 years and if you need to get rid of the 'turf' field...lights...etc. so be it.
Paul Dorr October 19, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Copperhead Consulting Services helps defeat wasteful school bond proposals at the ballot box. We’ve assisted various clients in nine states defeat 56 out of 68 (to date) bond proposals. We also help their local campaign committees get organized and raise campaign finances. Find us at: www.RollBackLocalGov.com or email us at Copperhead@windstream.net
tmw October 20, 2012 at 12:10 PM
AC in the lunchroom...artifical turf??? Ridiculous like the entire proposal!!!
Jo Mama October 22, 2012 at 03:16 PM
This entire proposal is going to sink the majority of residents into a debt they cannot pay. Already our taxes are a burden that many cannot carry and many have left because of it. So now we are finding cuter ways to hide the problem while still sweeping higher taxes upon the heads of those who oppose a debt that eventually collapse many households. Having a new school was not enough for those with no reasoning ability. Now they want the whole pie with frivolous amenities that have no bearing on education. How long will the mindless voters keep voting to dig a deeper hole for themselves until they realize their mindless folly???
Bob November 23, 2012 at 03:53 PM
I think this bond proposal is premature. More thought should be given to what is essential and what is ‘nice-to-have’ before asking taxpayers to continue the burden of debt service. Some thoughts and points: - The ‘projects’ outlined do not appear to be urgent or necessary (a greenhouse, synthetic turf, press box, new grandstand, field house, ‘seven’ tennis courts, redesigned front entrance to the HS, air conditioning, etc.) - What is not mentioned is the ongoing required maintenance associated with many of these projects. These annual additional costs will add to school budgets moving forward. Therefore, the true cost of the proposal is greater than just debt service. - The timing of this bond proposal is solely linked to the final completion of existing debt service. Of course an advantage for the school administration to propose this bond at this time is that taxpayers may not notice much difference in school taxes as the otherwise tax reduction would not occur when the debt service expires (approximately 2% to 3% reduction). Much more attention to this new bond proposal would be had (and should be had) if this new bond were proposed after taxpayers experienced some school tax relief. - Interest rates are not likely to increase anytime soon. This is a great reason to take more time to understand true needs and not to rush into more debt.


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