Photo: Top Athletes Honored

Senior athletes were recognized by the Westhapton Beach School District.

Some 24 student athletes were recognized for their achievements on May 30 during a ceremony.

The event, sponsored by the Westhampton Beach Athletic Department and the Hurricane Booster Club took place at the . 

Among those recognized were recognized were Connor Raynor, Michael Polan, Remy Kneski, Kristin Polan, Tyler Yastrub, Christa Kearns, Zachary Laube, Alexandra Siolos, Brendan Eckhart, Haley Laube, Neal Ebrus, Coryn Cange, Melissa Lagoumis, Mara Terchunian, Brandon Moloney, Maggie Trapani, Vincent Riemma, Samantha Lacetera, Kevin Dean, Aimee Sinnickson, Bryan Curry, Shannon Nigg, Kevin Dean, and Alexandra Walker. 

Also honored, according to the school district was Coach Drew Peters for his positive impact on the lives of senior athletes.


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