How Can a Healthy Aura Contribute to Your Successful Life?

What is an Aura and why is it important to be aware of how it functions to help my life?

Back in the 60s to hear the word "Aura" was common, but talk about Auras these days is generally limited to "spiritual" or "new age" groups. You might be surprised to know auras have been seen or sensed by almost every individual at some time in their life and most don’t know what to do with that information.

To begin… In the dictionary the word "aura" is described as:

  1. a distinctive air or quality considered to be characteristic of a person or thing.
  2. Any invisible emanation, such as a scent or odor       
  3. Pathol strange sensations, such as noises in the ears or flashes of light that immediately precede an attack, esp of epilepsy
  4. (in parapsychology) an invisible emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object: alleged to be discernible by individuals of supernormal sensibility

Every particle of our being is made up of energy…  All energy vibrates and has a frequency. Every thought-action and experience we participate in, changes our vibration and frequency and effects the whole.

 Our energy changes as we Inter-act within the psychic atmosphere of our immediate physical environment.

 Our energies change as we participate with the reality of other people’s personal bio- energy field… or aura; this includes all kingdoms of existence here on Earth.

Our energy changes as we travel our consciousness (without our physical body) through time, space, and dimension. Our very cell particles benefit from our mind travels and remember the places we’ve gone as cellular memory.

 Thoughts are things, they add to and contain particles of consciousness… which can heal or harm the recipient of our thoughts.  Our thought consciousness contributes to global consciousness and other-worldly dimensions it most resonates with. We are responsible for our thoughts, and receive fair consequence… please choose your thoughts wisely as all thoughts are witnessed and acknowledged.

Similar energy particles group to form animate and inanimate objects such as organs, bones, entities and material reality. Each group of particles carries their own “like” vibration and sends out a signal throughout all existence which attracts supportive resonating frequencies to its group “vibe”.  An on-going progression of building the group consciousness strengthens the vibration and frequency, which causes the thought pattern that supports the consciousness of those particles to grow more significant in the person’s life and experience.  It is natural for all “grouped” particles to progress and expand the consciousness of its reality…. This in turn strengthens the core belief and thoughts we use to maintain that group reality.  Eventually this pattern becomes a subconscious act as we practice it more on auto pilot like an accepted habit until we can become conscious of it and change the thought pattern to reflect a higher consciousness belief pattern.

An example would be…  if someone enters into the reality of someone unwell and finds themself beginning to believe in the dis-ease of the other to be easily acquired.. or taken on… the experience would render this person open to the belief a similar dis-ease could happen to them as well. The thought impresses energy particles with acceptance of dis-ease as a possibility.  This is the beginning stages of belief (it can be a reality) which starts the process of building vibration and frequency on that thought.  As long as the person holds the thought pattern and re-visits the person and thought more often, the belief becomes stronger until one day it manifests in some form or another. This is why compassionate people oftentimes become un-well after taking care of ill loved ones, family and friends. It has nothing to do with who deserves to be un-well or not… after being a care-taker  for the un-well. It IS about the thoughts we accept and the realities we experience over time that condition us…change our consciousness and our aura.

On the other hand… say you made a commitment to lead a conscious self-directed life. You project wonderful affirmations about your life and your-self, you only surround yourself with people who are authentic positive witnesses who support your every good and that you find you can support in their experiencing their highest good. You cultivate and nurture every potential of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of your life. Sure you have some people who try to knock you down but they can’t because your aura is so strong, their effects on your life seem meaningless if you even remember who they are at all.

What you allow into your mind, must first get past your aura. Leading a self-directed, think-for-yourself life will help to strengthen your aura.

It is a fact that wherever we are, the prevailing energy of the environment, or group, will indeed cause those within the immediate area to rise up or fall to its level of vibration. The stronger your aura is… the more able you will be to maintain your level of vibration. Of course we are always participating energy when we simply observe anyone or anything. We are affected by the interaction of energy on some level and our simple participation of witnessing changes the outcome.

The aura is a subtle energy field/biofield that surrounds us, it’s characteristics have size, shape, form (although fluid), color, and sound which is most times unheard by our human ears. Our Aura is made up of all our experiences, wisdom, acquired knowledge, hurts, joys, and all of our beliefs. The Aura is magnetic … drawing to it the consciousness within all that resonate with our beliefs. There is a wise saying that “we attract who and what we are” … people are a mirror so to speak;  For in order to recognize something within another, would be a projection of a consciousness we know has been part of our awareness at some point. If you want to know what you believe in, and who you believe you are… look at your friends and those close to you.

 Our Aura is our first line of defense it lets us know when something is awry. Some people call it a “gut” response but our aura does trigger us to be able to sense in whatever way is right for us, what is going on and if it is safe for us to participate.  When our energy field is strong we are healthy and vibrant. Our aura is smooth strong, colorful and can light up a room or put someone at peace. We experience a collective good and become aware of our existence as part of the whole. There is an ability to perform all you need to do and you can be around psychic vampires(those who look to drain your energy) and won’t be effected by them because your aura is strong enough to lend energy to those with a weakened aura and you still can come away not feeling drained. People with a lot of energy can actually be very healing for those who suffer from long term energy drain, but I would not recommend anyone engaging in long term relationships with someone who is only looking to manipulate you into supporting their ongoing victimization. They must want to help themselves to heal and take the self-responsible steps to do that. Remember, conditioning happens over a length of time and the ongoing effects are subtle… even someone with a healthy aura may not be able to know when they began buying into the belief of victimization or that anyone is a victim of circumstances.  Successful balanced people have healthy auras. They have opportunities that they created by keeping a high vibration. They have focus and the ability to tap into higher universal consciousness for all their needs to be met. Children mostly see auras when they are young. Ask a child to draw you a picture of someone and you will see for yourself through the colors they use.

An unhealthy aura is usually thin, gray or dark, there are holes in it and it can be spikey or choppy thick in some areas and thin in others. The person may not feel well, or be experiencing some sort of imbalance. They could be grieving or depressed. Sometimes consciousness is handed down, hereditary consciousness that manifests later in life as all kinds of maladies. People who are addicted to mind altering substances can often have holes in their aura. People with holes in their aura are often subjected to the negative projections of others as well as entity and psychic attacks from other resonating dimensions. Most times it is the self-diminishing thoughts projected onto the self that begins or contributes largely to this process. We always have this very moment to decide to accept and project loving, validating, accepting thoughts for the self. No one person is as powerful as the “self”. You are the most powerful person in your life… never forget that!

I do believe in God.. a Higher Power… Holy Magnificence. That is my greatest power and still I have to be the one to accept that belief.

For years clairvoyants and seers have witnessed colors surrounding all life forms. The colors one sees around anyone or any-thing can and will change according to many factors as listed in this article… and although it’s not an exact science, most clairvoyants correlate with these:

Red in the aura: Anger, revitalizing energy, stored or blocked energy, holding heat.

Green: healing heart issues, working on forgiveness, healing the past, healing energy, close to nature

Pink: unconditional love, agape love

Yellow: teacher, knowledge, guided wisdom, good sense of self and purpose

Blue: strength of will, honest communicator, cool/cold energy

Gray: low vitality, health issues (usually see or can feel holes in aura) drugs, alcohol addiction

Purple: spirituality, wise, integrity, spiritual fortitude

Orange: creativity, spontaneity, people person

Ways to improve and strengthen your aura are:

*Tell yourself how wonderful and magnificent you are… believe it! *Go outside and bathe in sunlight as this naturally revitalizes your aura *Listen to sounds and frequencies that lift your vibration and enhance whole-brain activity (check out youtube  Love Frequency 528Hz) *Learn something new *Volunteer to help a cause you believe in *Dance *Do all the things that bring you pleasure and passion you *Make time to cultivate and nurture the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical aspects of your life.

When attempting to view the aura for the first time, I suggest beginning with plants and trees. Go outside… relax and make the intention you would like to invite nature  to show you every spectrum of its beauty. Bring yourself to a state of gratitude, love, or reverence…  Hold a soft gaze and just allow… do not force… allow… It may take time but it’s worth it.

Today there are machines that can measure the biofield of people and objects. If you would like to know more about this equipment and what it does click *measure the frequency, vibration, and strength of the aura. There are many articles online about the aura. Many energy healing based modalities work with balancing the aura. As a Reiki Master/Teacher I do hands on healing and balancing the aura does help one to feel more peaceful and clear.

Seeing and sensing auras are a wonderful way to remind us of the essence of which we all share in life goes further than skin deep. On a subtle energetic level we are all intimate and capable of communicating at all times.

 It is my hope this article has inspired and empowered you in some way. 

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short answer, no.
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