2013 Channeled Predictions

Fantastic events unravel, find out about the Psychic Predictions for the New Year!

Each year I like to connect with Source, open my mind, and ask for some "highlights" for the New Year. Of course no one knows everything and I am just a human, like you. On another note, I am not very good with Geology and politics so if my predictions seems far out there... please know they are also far out there to me as well. My motivations are pure... and although some of this information may not make sense (at least to me) I will publish it anyway, in hopes it may help someone somewhere. In Gratitude to Source and those Guides and Angels that assist the world in good! Thank You xo

There will be storms of various condition, these storms are of the force of thought in it's confusion to kill or heal the Earth among those who inhabit a physical human vehicle. the odds are in favor as those pursuits to clear the human race were put into practice last 15 years through the food industry and now oceans and waterways are full of bacterial resistance which in turn effect the immune systems of all ultimately changing the evolution as generations are born of these surviving agents.  In this year to come there are various factors that will depend on individual adversity to follow the rules of those who produce these chemicals into human consumption as all is still hidden in agenda packed strategies.

Underlying factors to pursue human evolution only to push more hybrid animals in order to bridge from one generation to the next is unladen without fear of those who would pass under such existence. 
This year 2013 will be filled with many who return to a more self contained lifestyle with organic gardens and water collection and storage containers to filter of their own. We are watching the ones who will not render the truth. We are inspiring ways to compel those to work off their own merits and be responsible for self and not the whole of all who have been divided by fear.

Be not afraid of the times as they are not supporting your fear but your growth.    Be not afraid.

Be discerning of the self and what will be of sustenance to you when the day come that you shall be a force unto yourself. reckon not with those who are lost as they are filled with fear and have been repeatedly guided to open their eyes to the new world direction.
This choice is individual and your choice is on you can only make for the self. Choose well to understand and accept what you need to sustain your life, cultivate that and be well in all you interpret as the truth is inside of you and not elsewhere. 

*Unpredictable storms rock the South Pacific Islands

*Sri Lanka to oversee mining of oil

*Strong earthquake in Jerusalem as conflict consciousness grows... coming together to rebuild, brings peace.

*Peninsula shift .. Dangerous Lightening hits Iceland

*Central Africa becomes focus for growth and habitation increases

*Jersey to rule underground endeavors

*New York changes not but takes time to mend old wounds

*Long Island recovers and continues to decrease in population concerns over oceans grow. ocean floor eruptions gas and heat effect ocean life.

*Obama will not defect from his original plan to balance the economy will not sustain a long term effort beginning efforts will be good but must turn to new resources 6-9 months into the plan or all fails .

*China looks to gain financial power over korea.

*local companies of fortune 500 drop to knees

*static atmospheric  energy becomes part of solution on Earth

*Best told secrects used to cover farce of resources used in rock and coal mining communities for investors to gain over those
who would not invest out of fear of these stories.
*Marathons to raise money for communities bring people together to rebuild

*Solar businesses on the rise for solar powered companies to become a trend

*Embankments help to save homes

*Farming regulations become open as more communities demand local farming be available and local farming markets grow on long island, Jersey, and Rhode Island.

*Big pharma is revamped in regulations overturned jobs are cut in policy declarations, unraveling force of limited support.

*New cure for lupus on the rise.

Who knows for sure what 2013 will bring, but I DO know that your thoughts are a force of energy that can make a difference in your life and in those who care about you. I do know that you have the right and the ability to choose experiences that fulfill your highest potential and all you desire to realize on this Earth and beyond. 

May your New Year be filled with many moments you can be proud to say "My heart made the final decision". 


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Samantha Paitakis December 31, 2012 at 06:43 AM
I would love to hear if anyone has any predictions for the New Year they'd like to share! xo


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