Green Cheek Conures — The Hypoallergenic Bird

$375 ea. A $175 deposit is needed, and when they are done hand feeding you can pick him/her up:). Any more questions call (631)653-3300 or look us up on fb:)

Hello everyone my name is Bryana from Reptile Rob's, I'm the assistant manager at this amazing cute small shop. In the summer time we specialize in ponds, who my boss Rob builds them all from scratch. His work is OUTSTANDING and UNBELIEVABLE. Unfortunately, the pond business is mostly kicking in the spring and summer and closed during the winter because most of people's ponds are on hibernation mode.

The amazing part about this little shack is that we have a full service pet store, which includes reptiles, amphibians, bugs, mammals (birds, mice, guinea pigs, etc.) and of course our wonderful koi in the summer time. We might be a small pet store but let me tell you we have cool creatures and what we don't have we can always try to order them from our local breeders.

Now enough on talking about our little shop, let me start describing about our little cute conures. This green cheek conures are about a couple of weeks old and are being hand fed by Pam, manager, right now. I don't know exactly how manning hand feeding they are on but I believe either 3-4 a day.

The number one reason why we get birds when they are only a couple of weeks old from our breeders is so we can hand feed them, and then you are guarantee you will be getting a super hand friendly bird when you purchase him or her.

A cool little fun fact about this type of bird is that they are hypoallergenic, which means they don't give off dander or dust. So if you are one of those people who love birds but can get them because of up your allergies, this bird is perfect for you. You get the best of both worlds, you can have a bird and not be sick.

Now the most popular question we get is that are they loud. My response is always the same of course they can get loud, no matter how small or big the bird is they all can get loud. Just like as people babies and adults both can get loud.

Now that shouldn't be a reason not the get a bird because you can easily train your bird not to such as covering the cage with a sheet once they get annoying, and eventually they will learn not to scream and the number one thing to do with all birds is to cover them every night. That just so they know to always be quite at night.

Now, if you have any questions about these little guys just give us a call.

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Linda February 28, 2013 at 12:36 PM
I bought my son a sun conure and he is absolutely adorable. He is 11 months old and very friendly. He loves to chirp (yes he can be loud) when you come into the room but he is doing that because he is happy to see you and is excited. He sits next to the window and has outdoor birdie friends he talks to as well while my son is at school. We had never had bird before and were hesitant about the mess it may make as we had heard birds are very messy but the new cage is easy to clean and keeps almost all of the droppings/food/etc in the cage. I just change the water every morning and go over the cage with a wet wipe daily and then do a thorough cleaning once a week. If you are thinking of getting a bird, i would highly recommend a conure. We've fallen in love with ours.


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