Village Attorney: Dune Road Residents Encroaching on Village Property

Richard T. Haefeli says 70 properties are on the encroach list, and plans to send a letter seeking compliance.

Along the 3.3 miles of Dune Road that sits within the jurisdiction of Westhampton Beach, there are some 70 homeowners who are encroaching on village property, according to Village Attorney Richard T. Haefeli. 

During the village's July work session, Haefeli said that the homeowners have placed things such as boulders, rock walls, and decorative structures in the village's right-of-way, preventing people from walking and running on the roadway. 

"There is a safety factor," said Haefeli. 

In an effort to enforce compliance, the Haefeli said the village is ramping up to send a letter to each homeowner that has been found to be in violation. 

The list of violations was prepared by the highway superintendent, he said.

"The only thing allowed in the right-of-way is a mailbox," said Haefeli. "People should know where their property line is or they can just check their survey."

This is not the first time that the village has had to send notification to Dune Road residents about the village's right-of-way. Haefeli said a similar letter was sent to residents five years ago and there was 99.9 percent compliance. 

Hungry Naturalist July 26, 2012 at 12:16 PM
This nice aerial photograph is of East Quogue.


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