VIDEO: Southampton Town Board Candidates Talk Effluence

The four town board candidates told civic association members what they would do to fight nitrogen in the bays.

Since Southampton's waterways are a vital part of the community, the issue of nitrogen in the bays is constantly on the minds of Southampton residents and environmentalists such as the That's why it came as no surprise that a question regarding the use and policy of septic systems was brought up during a recent .

Town Board candidates, including Bridget Fleming, Brad Bender, Bill Hughes and Christine Preston Scalera all agreed that the town should work with Suffolk County on the approval of new systems available.

Scalara also suggested the town look to incorporate state-of-the art septic systems as part of the town's PDD approval process and Bridget Fleming pledged to work closely with the Suffolk County Health Department as did Brad Bender. Hughes said the systems should be closely scurtized, especially when deciding which ones to require use of.

The issue, according to Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst will be one that the town will have their eye on and will be the subject of upcoming community meetings on the town's


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