Video: Hank Tucker, Candidate for Village Trustee

Learn more about the three candidates who are running for two Westhampton Beach Village trustee seats this interview series.

Westhampton Beach Trustee Hank Tucker is vying for one of three open seats on the Westhampton Beach Village Board. Also running in Friday's election is planning board member Patricia DiBenedetto and former Westhampton Beach Zoning Board of Appeals member Dean Speir.

To see DiBenedetto's interview, click here and to see Speir's, click here.

C'mon now June 16, 2011 at 11:48 PM
Hank: Have you owned Holy for seven or twenty years? (See SHPress) I would love to know more about your computer business. To describe yourself as fiscally prudent is hilarious. Your own Mayor doesn't want you because of your flagrant misappropriation of funds. The legal voters are concerned that you are on two Boards; the Village and the Library Board; which control millions of dollars of public taxpayer funds. That's too much power invested in too few people. The Library Board was a non-elected position. You are right about the economy. It's awful. I had to laugh at your "potentially" saving $35,000 by changing health plans. Woo-hoo! As your compadre Levan would say, that's "mere pennies" compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by you as when you didn't fulfill Trustee responsibilities, leaving them to your peers. So what do we "get?" A "potential" penny for each of the dollars you blew? Next: what's all this complaining about blocking votes? Some people have violated voting rules. No good, man. Illegal voters will be contested. It's a violation of the Constitution. Some have successfully been deleted from the rolls. One person, one vote. They will continue to be contested and pursued. I hope they lose their residency exemptions when they get busted. Either you legally vote here, or you don't. There's still a few dozen violators who should be raked over the coals. Our kid's values of truth and honesty are at stake. Speir for Trustee!


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