Trustees Vow To Fight Back After Lawsuit

The trustees have vowed to wage an appeal.

Southampton Town Trustees are asking for the people's support after being hit by a lawsuit.

According to their Facebook page, the town trustees are fighting back after being served an injunction that ordered the town board to "take control of trustee accounts."

The town trustees are an elected board that makes decisions concerning the town's waterways; they operate under the Dongan Patent, established in 1686.

The trustees plan to appeal the judge's decision and "stand ready to defend the allegations made in the lawsuit," the page read.
"Every year the board's finances are inspected by an independent auditor, hired by the town, and a town attorney attends every meeting of the board and is aware of any expenditures approved by the trustees. Now is the time to enact meaningful legislation in Albany to reaffirm the jurisdiction and powers of the trustees instead of allowing one decision to alter 374 years of access and protection of your resources. We will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available," the trustees wrote.

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

During the past election, the trustees were a point of contention between Throne-Holst and her challenger, Linda Kabot, who maintained that residents' rights as freeholders were at stake based on the supervisor's wish to professionalize the trustees.

Throne-Holst has maintained publicly at debates that she believes the trustees are not equipped with the extent of knowledge necessary to handle burgeoning problems in the bays such as nitrogen-loading and other critical issues.

Trustee Bill Pell, on his Facebook page said the group needed residents to call Throne-Holst's office or members of the town board and ask them to support the trustees, as "they promised in their campaign."

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WLH February 18, 2014 at 08:23 AM
Great points NewGuy- and did HBHS really need a $14 million astro-turf field and lights for night games? Faustina- condos pay less taxes? But they're crowding in more people, shouldn't they pay more? "perhaps she (ATH) should consider listening to her constituents (who aren't property developers or wealthy oceanfront residents)" Are you sure these are NOT her supporters? me thinks otherwise, as i sure didn't vote for her.
Faustina February 18, 2014 at 09:54 AM
Condos DO pay significantly lower taxes because NY State passed a law lowering their taxes in order to stimulate low-cost housing construction. This was meant to help out urban areas. Naturally, the speculator sharks came out here and applied it to luxury condo development. SH town could vote to opt out of this law, but of course they never will as they are hand in glove (donations) with the developers. I am not sure but I think East Hampton opted out. For sure EH opted out of the PDD law which also enables changes of zone and higher density. There ae no "shoulds" where ATH is concerned. She can't run for re-election; now she can really do what she wants, and pay back favors owed to the people who greased her.
Nancy Miller February 19, 2014 at 07:19 AM
I have to agree with other comments about the concerns about the Trustees. They were formed for a reason and in my opinion have done an excellent job. They oversee a lot that we have no idea of the full picture unless we get to see the slide show which could take many hours over a day’s worth. We the People have elected them for a reason to continue taking care of our land and water that was entrusted to them to the best of their ability. My Grandfather was one of the ones who started the Quogue Wildlife Refuge and people forget why it was started. He knew and saw what would happen when money and greed took over the care of our waterways and land. I am sad to say that I think money, politics, and greed are back into play over the care of our Island and also our wellbeing. Because face it if we let go of the proper care of the water or land we will suffer with our own health not just the health of the water and all the inhabitants that live in it. We are already seeing it with the tide and creatures that are sick and dying. I know a lot of you love your lawns and the front water property but you are putting our home at risk and you are not working toward solutions but are putting our lives and homes in danger. Your lawsuit just shows us how much you do not care about our town or the people who live here. To our elected officials I am hearing mixed messages even in the reports on who and what is benefiting from this attack on the Trustees.
rita February 19, 2014 at 04:39 PM
The current administration in Southampton Town is the worst I've seen in many years. Look around at the over development of once beautiful vistas, and a preservation fund of over 600 million that isn't being used. What will happen when summer comes and everyone uses the beach and there are lines to get onto a beach with 10 parking spaces. The Supervisor and board member have no vision and don't really care about the town; they want revenue.
Patchogue Snoop March 05, 2014 at 09:28 AM
It's called being "on the take". Whether it is money, gifts or just getting elected through the promises they make to the developers who fund their campaigns.


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