Supermarket Developer Requests Zone Change

Andrew Mendelson of Westhampton Beach submitted a change of zone application on Monday.

Andrew Mendelson, a developer who is proposing to construct a 40,000-square-foot supermarket on 4.2 acres of property on Old Riverhead Road, has asked the Village of Westhampton beach for a zone change in the village's B-3 and industrial zones, according to an article published on 27east

The request comes after Mendelson to discuss his proposal. , saying that Mendelson must file an application before a community discussion can ensue. 

Medelson continued to plead his case, even appearing, last month, on an

Mendelson, according to 27east, is now requesting that two words be added to the village's B-3 and Industrial zones, which do not currently permit supermarkets.

He says he wants the zoning to add the words, "grocery stores" as under permitted uses.

"The village government has created the monopoly carve out for the supermarket downtown. That monopoly zoning has created a lazy retailer, as it usually does. All situations where we limit competition in the marketplace have consequences. It is not the American way," said Mendelson. "There should be zoning in the code that allows for a market."

Mendelson says he has polled some 700 residents asking if they think a grocery store should be allowed on Old Riverhead Road.  The results he said, were positive.

"The poll and determined that approximately 500 families have moved there grocery shopping to Riverhead and Hampton Bays, taking with them a lot of associated shopping needs, and this hurts all village business. Let's keep it local by being able to grocery shop close to home in a new and competitive store," he said.

Of the application, Mayor Conrad Teller said, "I don't think it is a proper way to do it, but he has started to put it in writing instead of coming before the board."

Teller said the paper work submitted to the village is not "something we have to make a big decision on it," noting that he does not believe it is a formal request. 

"But, I'm not an attorney," said Teller.

The current zoning, said Teller was created as part of the village's master plan in the late 1990's. It was drawn up with the input of a planner and the community. 


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