Pols React to Nuzzi Announcement

GOP remains resolute in choice; Chris Nuzzi needs “time” to rethink run for supervisor.

After a dramatic turn of events at the Southampton Town Republican nominating convention last week, when , stunned elected officials and residents have been abuzz with speculation.

Nuzzi, after hearing the news Wednesday, left the convention immediately and neither accepted nor declined the nomination; just days earlier, he had said publicly that he would not to try wrest the supervisor's seat from incumbent Anna Throne-Holst, an Independent with the Democratic Committee nomination.

Republican Committee Chairman Ernest Wruck said Nuzzi had known about the nomination before the convention.

But when asked whether he was surprised to be nominated, Nuzzi said on Friday, “I guess I would characterize it by saying what I said that night: It was very flattering, and I really do appreciate their confidence. Their nomination reflects their desire for me to reconsider my decision not to run. I’m going to take the next several days to do that.”

Nuzzi added if he decides to run, he will be “100 percent into it” and will “run for the right reasons.”

Wruck rejected speculation that Nuzzi was nominated as a placeholder until a candidate could be found.

“If we wanted a placeholder we could have put in any name,” Wruck said. “We picked the best and most qualified candidate to win in the fall.”

At a campaign kickoff event for Throne-Holst on Friday, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. said that in the last election he supported Nuzzi for town council and Throne-Holst for supervisor. This time, he said, "I am in support of Chris Nuzzi remaining on the town council and I support Anna Throne-Holst for supervisor. And she actually wants the job.”

At the fundraiser, some said Nuzzi had declined the nomination that evening. “I just heard I don’t have an opponent,” Throne-Holst said.

But Friday night, Nuzzi refuted the rumor, saying he had not made any decision and was still taking time to reconsider his position.

Throne-Holst said the GOP “hoodwinked their own representative.”

“What kind of management and leadership is it when you strong arm someone into a job he is clearly saying he doesn’t want?” she said. “I think he was clear in not seeking the position of his own accord.”

Nuzzi said that “irrespective of the decision” he makes, there are directions the town needs to go in, reflecting priorities such as “holding the line on taxes and continuing to create opportunities for the right type of economic development.” He added, “Regardless of the decision I make for supervisor, I take seriously my commitment to the community and to call out some of the problems other board members aren’t dealing with effectively.”

Roger Blaugh May 23, 2011 at 01:00 PM
WANTED: A Town Supervisor willing to make a full time commitment. Part-time candidates need not apply. The successfully elected candidate for Town Supervisor must be willing to give up his/her private-sector employment to fulfill the demanding needs of the job. That's a big commitment and a difficult choice as this job has limited tenure (e.g. Supervisors Heaney & Kabot). However, good ideas may be presented to the Town Council by all persons holding the designation of Town Councilman; you don't have to sit in the Supervisor's chair to do the best job for Southampton. The question voters will ask when they go to the polls is if their candidate can work with a diverse board of free-thinkers to effectively lead the Town of Southampton as its Supervisor. One can't be a perpetual nay-sayer AND lead our Town into the future, can one? Just ask former Southampton Village Trustee Bill Bates, who might compare it to shoveling sand against the tide.
David D'Agostino May 23, 2011 at 01:51 PM
I completely agree. There should be no question that this job should be a full time commitment especially considering the pay.
E. Trillo May 23, 2011 at 06:23 PM
Whoever ends up throwing their hat in the ring should come to the table with a documented platform. This platform should include holding the line on PDD approvals, supporting programs that protect and maintain our environment, provide a plan to control spending, support the Governor's plan to place a 2% cap on real estate tax increases and ensure that there is enough funding to allow code enforcement to enforce the laws that require rental permits which would limit the influx of the illegal aliens who are placing a drain on the services supported by the tax paying citizens of the Town of Southampton. It would also be beneficial if the individual running for Town Supervisor has a background in accounting and can oversee the financial process needed to run the town.


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