Voters to Decide on Use of Attic Space at Westhampton Library

Residents will be asked to vote in November to allow the library to use county sanitary credits off preserved land in trade for use of the attic space at the library.

A resolution approved by the Suffolk County Legislature recently could allow the to use its attic for programs or collections.

According to Legis. Jay Schniderman, I-Montauk, the resolution grants the libraries and fire departments permission to use sanitary credits off county-purchased preservation parcels for expansion projects.

Normally, Schniderman explained, when an entity wants to expand and does not have enough sanitary credits from the health department, it is required to purchase an open space piece and transfer the sanitary credits for the expansion. However, he said, for non-profits such as libraries and fire departments, purchasing property to gain credits is not a feasible cost.

Now, he said, through the new resolution, libraries and fire departments can use the land that the county has bought as credit. However, the use of those credits must be approved through a referendum.

This November, Schniderman said, a referendum will appear on the ballot asking voters to approve the use of county credits so the library can use attic space.

director of the library, was excited by the news and said library has been working for sometime to obtain approval to use the attic space.

Zubiller says the library can now start to discuss what they would use the space for.


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