Islip Town Nixes Battle on the Bay

Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan said council had safety and security concerns.

A proposal to shift the Battle on the Bay from Patchogue to Sayville failed to receive approval from the Islip Town Council Tuesday night.

The resolution failed when no one on the five-member council made a motion to approve. Had the council given its approval, the boat race would have been held from August 26 to August 28 in the Great South Bay stretching from Sayville into Brookhaven Town.

Town Supervisor  said the council had a number of concerns about the  event, the most pressing being security and safety.

“I met with the  and  fire departments on Monday and each had some logistical issues and concerns about the event,” he said.

Nolan said fire department officials were concerned about needing to establish a waterfront command post for the race while at the same time having the ability to respond to possible emergencies in other parts of Sayville.

Other issues of concern for the town council were the amount of traffic that would be generated by Battle on the Bay and other events such as the annual Seafood, Craft and Music Festival scheduled the same weekend at the .

 officials were hopeful that the event would lead additional business for local merchants.

“We really want the race in Sayville,” Bill Etts, first vice president of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce told council members prior to the vote. “We know what it did for businesses in Patchogue and we feel this would promote business in Sayville.”

Through the Looking Glass July 20, 2011 at 08:39 PM
The town of Islip gave the boat race the shoe, just like the Village of Patchogue. Maybe there's a bit more involved here than the promoters want everyone to believe. From a fans standpoint it's a great event, but from the boaters point of view it's the same as having a road race in the streets instead on a defined and isolated course. The boat race would be good in Peconic Bay where there's plenty of open space, but the Great South Bay isn't a particularly good venue for this type of event. Too narrow and too much public space needing to be blocked off. I remember one of the races a few years ago when I was returning from points west and was stopped because the race was in progress. I couldn't get back to my marina until the race ended. As soon as I was sure they were done, I pushed the throttles forward and boogied home. To me it was more of a PITA than anything. It doesn't fit in the bay.
Larry Tornetta July 21, 2011 at 01:14 PM
Where is it going to be now is it back in Patchogue?
Joe Frisina July 21, 2011 at 04:08 PM
The Patchogue Fire Department took a lot of heat because of the cancellation of the boat races. Word on the street is that it was the Fire Department that decided not support the boat races which is totally false. The dates did not work and the organizers were not very flexible. On one set of dates the department is going to be away attending the Southern New York Parade which is a major event for them. The organizer then proposed the weekend of September 11th which with all due respect is a major event for the Fire Department as we remember all of those that gave their lives. The Fire Department has given it's time and support to the boat races the past couple of years. It requires a lot of man power and resources which the Fire Departments volunteers work many long hours to support their community. They know how important the races are to the local economy. I wish people would stop passing the blame on the Fire Department as they don't deserve it. Thank you for all you do Patchogue Fire Department!


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