Final Scope For Canoe Place Inn Property Adopted

The project moved a step forward last week.

The final scope for an environmental impact statement study for the proposed Hampton Bays Canoe Place Inn project was approved by the Southampton Town Board on July 10. 

The approval of the scope moves the project a step forward, making way for a draft environmental impact statement to be generated. 

The impact statement, according to the authorizing resolution, will explore issues pertaining to a zone change request that asks that the Canoe Place Inn property be rezoned to allow for a planned development district. 

The developers of the project, cousins  submitted their proposal for the 5.8-acre Canoe Place Inn property and 7.2 acres of canal properties on Feb. 23.

The plans call for the restoration of Canoe Place Inn with 20 units along with a catering facility and 200-seat restaurant with bar area, as well as the construction of 40 town homes, an amenity building, pool, private marina and sewage treatment system on the canal property.

The entire proposal is being treated as one , with a “swap” of development rights allowing for seven additional units – meaning 40, rather than 33 units on the canal properties are being offset by the community benefits. The application also mentions a benefit of an open space purchase.

The public was invited to speak at a scoping hearing on June 12 at town hall where numerous residents spoke both in support of and against the project.

Critics argued that the developers of the proposal are "bribing" the public by agreeing to restore Canoe Place Inn and purchase Pine Barrens credits through the town's  so they can build 40 townhouses on the canal. And those in support said there is a clear public benefit that will result from the project.

E. Trillo August 01, 2012 at 04:54 PM
This MPDD (Maratime Planned Development District) zone change should be rejected by the Town Board. The amount of money budgeted by the Rechlers to "Restore" the CPI ($5,100,000) comes to $125 per Sq Ft which is not enough money to do a quality repair the buildings (CPI 35,477 Sq Ft & five cottages 5000 Sq.ft) plus the land scaping etc. The removal of Tide Runners and 1 North restaurants and replacing them with 40 Town Houses and a huge septic system next to the Shinnecock Canal is not a "Public Benefit". Keeping the waterfront restaurants adjacent to the canal, which by the way, have plenty of parking space would be more of a public benefit then the 40 Town Houses. The Town board should recommend replacing the CPI "White Elephant" with 25 Town Houses, removing the existing structures and building an approved septic system on the west side of the canal. The current waterfront business zoning should be kept in place on the east side property.


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