Eruv Application Submitted to Village of Quogue

The application asks the village to permit the installation of lechis on telephone poles in it's right-of-way.

The East End Eruv Association has taken the advice of a judge and has formally applied to the Village of Quogue for a religious boundary, known as an eruv that would be placed on various telephone poles around the village.

The association made the application last week and it was discussed at the Village of Quogue's January 20 meeting.

Village Mayor Peter Sartorius says, in essence, the application asks the village for permission to install lechis, or a thin wire along telephone polls in the village.

The lechis mark the boundary for the eruv, which is a symbolic boundary that allows Orthodox Jews to carry items that they normally wouldn't be permitted to on the Sabbath.

When asked what he thinks of the application, Sartorius said, "I'm not going to prejudge it."

In November, requested by the East End Eruv Association, saying the association failed to go through the proper channels. He suggested the association formally apply to the villages of Quogue and Westhampton Beach and the Town of Southampton for permission to install the lechis.

In their injunction, the association claimed that the villages, as well as the Town of Southampton infringed on its members' religious rights.

An idea of an Eruv has been a controversial within the community; it also prompted the — the entities granted the association permission to use its poles, but the municipalities said the poles are in their right-of-way. The issue was also  brought into the national spotlight when it was spoofed on

It is expected that the East End Eruv Association will make an oral presentation at the village's March meeting, which has not been set yet. After the meeting, Sartorius, said the village will be in a position to vote on the proposal.

The East End Eruv Association's spokesman Hank Sheinkopf said of the application, "Let's see what happens.  We are hoping for the best."

What do you think of the application? Feel free to shout out your thoughts below.


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