Crime in Riverside Spotlighted by Civic, New York State Troopers

Also on Wednesday's FRNCA agenda, Randy Altschuler and Tim Bishop, and a look about the future of affordable housing sites in Flanders and Riverside.

Residents of the Riverside and Flanders communities will have a chance to raise concerns about crime in their neighborhoods when a representative of the New York State Troopers Barracks attends a civic meeting Wednesday night.

Sgt. Paul Slevinski, Station Commander of SP Riverside is scheduled to speak to members and guests at the October meeting of the Flanders, Riverside, and Northampton Civic Associaton, which will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the David W. Crohan Community Center in Flanders.

Slevinski is expected to  discuss trooper activities and how they can support the FRNCA community.

"Several years ago, the trooper barracks were located right in the heart of Riverside and they were placed there with expectations by the community that their presence would help to reduce crime," Vince Taldone, FRNCA vice-president, said. "But I believe that few residents fully understand the job of the troopers, how they interact with town police and how mutual cooperation between all the parties can help fight crime in the area. FRNCA wants the community to understand the various roles of the state troopers and also how we as residents can work more effectively to help them to do their jobs."

He added that the presentation would be "good for all."

Also slated for Wednesday night's meeting -- a different night for October; the meetings are usually held on Mondays -- are a presentation by Richard Blowes, executive director of the Southampton Town Housing Authority, on the current status of the 72H home ownership sites and an update on future sites that are currently involved in the planning process.

Wednesday night's FRNCA meeting will also include brief, five-minute presentations by congressional candidates Tim Bishop and Randy Altschuler; the pair will engage in a meet-and-greet with members.

What do you think can and should be done to address crime in the Riverside and Flanders area? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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