Campaign Notebook: Altschuler, Bishop Sides Square Off 1 Month Out

Sides continue to take jabs at one another in Congressional race.

While candidates were more than likely hitting the streets this week with Election Day just over a month away, headlines were rather slim in the local political arena, as the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney dominated the news.

In the race for New York's First Congressional District, sides continued to square off in the race between Tim Bishop and Randy Altschuler.

The two faced off in a debate in Smithtown on Monday night, though before the two met, Bishop's campaign reacted to recent news that House Speaker John Boehner is coming to the district for a Republican fundraiser.

“For all of Altschuler’s ‘outsider’ rhetoric, he certainly has powerful friends in Washington,” Bishop's Campaign Communications Director Robert Pierce said. "It seems that Altschuler has no problem criticizing the Republican Congress at night and cashing their checks by day.”

Meanwhile Republicans continued to paint Bishop as corrupt, seizing on a story picked up in August centered around a Bishop staffer asking a constituent for funds after the Congressman helped him gain fireworks permits. The National Republican Campaign Committee released a statement Thursday, calling Bishop "this week's most corrupt Democrat."

Pierce told the New York Daily News: "The NRCC is in a tough spot. They can't cut an ad praising Altschuler's business experience, because his business is outsourcing American jobs."

The plays from out-of-state groups are nothing new to the race and will likely continue over the next month.

Altschuler defended himself in a blog post on Patch this week, saying, "Bishop’s campaign is predictably getting more and more desperate with their personal attacks against me.  In short, he’s just going to make things up and hope to fool you."

michael gentil October 07, 2012 at 04:18 PM
TIM BISHOP , is a lie and a bs, way he live off yr work money , so he can live like a king , people like hem don't on what a day work is , he just no how to site on his fat ass and do nothing . it much be nice to live off the work people , way MR TIM BISHOP just site on his ass , and you call that working , they don't no what work is, when they are live off the work people , so way he is live like a king. and you can not put gas in yr car , u thing he give a shit about you , no , it is all about them and how much money he can get out of the work people , so he can live the way he is live, like a king . they all live off us , u work, and they live like a king , i am not vote for hem or no one, they just on how to f- - -k the people out of there money , so they can live like a fuck god , we need someone that came from nothing , not people that have so much , and then they want to tell us what to do, we need someone that live like we do , a good hard work guy, that came from nothing , and no how it is to have nothing , we the people have to put a stop to this, thing people they live off us , so way u are site there thing about how u are going to pay a bill . MR TIM BISHOP is live off your work money , and live like a king , they don't give a shit about us . it is how much money i can get out of the work people , so i can get that big new home . so thing people how they are live, and how u are live , and u will be piss off,
highhatsize October 07, 2012 at 04:23 PM
It's good that Boehner is coming. He can explain to Randy why it was a good idea to let the country default on its debt. Advice Randy can use in the outsourcing business in which he still invests.
highhatsize October 07, 2012 at 04:30 PM
This post MUST be Democratic misdirection.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 12:08 AM
Can Tim Bishop please run ONE SINGLE positive Ad touting any accomplishment ?? Every lying and deceitful Ad says the same exact thing - and they are, ALL OF THEM, all negative, because he obviously has NOTHING to tout. Again hat, you refused to respond to my post asking - what American would take a job that paid .13 cents per hour (using your number)?? You've made the SAME argument regarding immigration reform - posting that "they do work others will not, and for less money, ergo they take no AMERICAN jobs." So again, I ask hat - what American lost ANY job that paid THIRTEEN CENTS PER HOUR ?? Thank you. And I believe the phrase is "Check Mate".
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 12:09 AM
They reached a Grand Bargain and the next day Obama nixed it. Read Woodward's book hat.
highhatsize October 08, 2012 at 01:17 AM
to Jaguar-Guy: Which doesn't change the fact that the Republicans were willing to send the government into default despite being warned by every economist who draws breath that they were reckless beyond description.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Which doesn't change the fact that the Republicans AND Democrats reached an agreement and OBAMA SAID NO. Obama IS sending us over the cliff - which has been his plan all along. The very same is said about Democrats who ARE willing to send us over the cliff, and OBAMA CANCELLED the deal. Barry said no to the reached compromise. That was your WORST reply ever hat. Go to bed old man - you're whooped again.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 01:56 AM
Hey hat - where's the snappy reply. You were here 2 minutes ago. What no answers. That is right, because NO AMERICAN LOST ANY JOB THAT PAID THIRTEEN CENTS AN HOUR.
highhatsize October 08, 2012 at 02:13 AM
to Jaguar-Guy: ONLY the Republicans REFUSED to authorize raising the national debt, a process which has been non-partisan and automatic in EVERY congress in history since refusal is insane (unless one is a committed, right- wing, ideological extremist.) 13 cent/hour jobs in India would be $10 hr./jobs here. There is no job done by Americans, including yours, that cannot be done as well and cheaper by foreigners, if we enable them (as I said long ago.) (You are mistaken, again, in you belief that I suggested the 13 cent an hour figure.) Extremist Republicans are willing to throw any of their countrymen under the bus as long as it isn't themselves, as Randy has shown.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 02:29 AM
ONLY the Democrats REFUSED to extend tax cuts for all americans. Your math is WAY off on .13 cents = $10 an hour. NO AMERICAN JOB WAS LOST, and he created 1,000 here.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 02:35 AM
hat - go read Woodward's book to educate yourself on Obama blowing the Grand Bargain. I have FINALLY figured out the Democrat tactic. It's like a cheating spouse who accuses their spouse of cheating. All you Left Leaning Pinkos "PROJECT" the notion that we're lying, Republicans are lying, the press all lie (when Barry was eviscerated), everybody lies, but you. Amazing. No, I'm not a cheating spouse and all you Dems are the ones who are lying. Obama cannot speak when his teleprompter goes out, because he cannot speak the truth, he cannot make off-the-cuff remarks - because he needs his bullshit typed nicely for him to read up on his Rev. Wright pulpit. We ALL cite the facts, and you and that dopey NT cannot reply to the truth when it smacks you in your fat faces.
highhatsize October 08, 2012 at 03:39 AM
to Jaguar-Guy: Only the Republicans - - not the Democrats - - the Republicans - - were willing to throw the federal government into default by refusing to raise the national debt limit for the first time in history. Their willingness to use this "Doomsday Device" as a bargaining chip exemplifies their mindless obedience to the extremist Republican canon. The effect of default would have been economic catastrophe. That's the reason why no legislators of either party in the history of the country have ever threatened it before the fanatical Republicans of the Congress of 2011. The collapse of the grand bargain is trivial compared to the mad zealotry that drove the Republicans - - not President Obama - - not the Democrats - - to threaten to destroy the American economy, AGAIN. Randy has already annihilated 10,000 American jobs as a private citizen by outsourcing. Does anyone think that, as a congressman, he would quail before destruction on a national scale if so ordered?
North Fork Bob October 08, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Bush raised the debt limit 7 times in 8 years.Aided and abetted by the Republicans.
North Fork Bob October 08, 2012 at 11:59 AM
Well here we have it.The American choice.Pick the bad or the worse.Becoming all too common in politics these days.No wonder Congress is a train wreck.Trouble is they are smashing into us.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 01:39 PM
"The collapse of the Grand Bargain is trivial" - oh, ok hat. Glad to know the President of the U.S. has driven us OVER the cliff - Obama should have grabbed that deal the day Dems and Repubs worked together and agreed - but NO - he threw America under the bus the next day because HE didn't like it. So the POINT hat, is that WE did agree - BOTH PARTIES - and President Knows Nothing cocked it up. THAT IS THE POINT. As for Randy - NO AMERICAN JOB WAS LOST - NOT ONE. No American would take a job that paid .13 cents an hour - NO ONE. Ergo, No american jobs lost. Check Mate again. As for Tim "shyte for brains" Bishop - run ONE ad touting ANY accomplishment !! Bishop has CRUSHED Long Island - demolishing 40,000 families here, and outsourcing AMerican Jobs to China and Finland and Mexico with OUR tax dollars. Wrong again hat.
highhatsize October 08, 2012 at 04:32 PM
to Jaguar-Guy: To reiterate, ONLY the REPUBLICANS were prepared to force the federal government to default on its debt. They used this insane ultimatum to compel concessions from Democrats that they could not have obtained by rational means. The "bargain" arrived at was that the Democrats agreed to recovery-killing funding cuts and the Republicans refrained from pushing the button on their Doomsday Device. Had the Democrats been as demented as the Republicans, they would have stood fast, allowed the Republicans to drive the country into economic chaos, and then reaped the political benefits when the citizenry road the Republicans from office on a rail. The effect of this deal with the devil will be felt in January when the massive Republican funding cuts are initiated and plunge us back into recession. The same clerical jobs that pay $$10/hr. here pay 13 cents/hr. (your figure) in India. That is THE REASON that Randy shipped them over there. What prevents you from comprehending this simple fact? Most recently, Congressman Bishop obtained funding for the dredging of the Shinnecock Inlet. The rest of your final paragraph is oft-refuted rubbish which you continue to post nonetheless.
Jaguar-Guy October 08, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Hey hat, what prevents you from comprehending that nobody would take a THIRTEEN cent per hour job. hat - you can have your boorish snobby attitude and monicle (what a joke), but you CANNOT have your own facts. Randy took no american jobs and we all know Bishop outsourced MY, YOUR and EVERYBODY'S tax dollars to create wealth and jobs in China. p.s. Why can't your candidate run 1 positive ad touting an accomplishment? Riddle me that you pompous slug. As for Obama cocking up the Grand Bargain - sorry you're upset Republicans chose to draw a line in the sand FINALLY - so that we do not become Greece, Portugal and Spain (who are burning Madrid over austerity cuts today as we write - begging Angie Merkel for their next bailout payment). Just FYI - we have the same debt ratio at Spain 42%. But as Obama stated on Letterman, "the deficit is a short term issue" and Bengazi was a bump regarding foreign relations". You got a great boy there hat - keep spinning all the BS. Lastly and again, as for Bishop - RUN ONE AD TOUTING HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS !!!! You lie like a rug hat, so nobody on Patch believes a word you write. He is 100% NEGATIVE because he has such a CRAP RECORD. Shot down in flames again hat. I am proud the Repubs chose to make the President keep at least one promise of cutting the deficit, but he refuses to do so, which is why we will default on January. Obama should have GRABBED that deal and ran - but he would not show the Repubs can agreee - which they did!!
Jaguar-Guy October 09, 2012 at 01:00 PM
That is right hat - pipe down. Write again when Bishop runs his FIRST positive Ad, which will be never because he HAS NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS - other than ripping off our College, having a Billionaire pay for all his kids college, he hired 23 family members to work at teh College, he doubled tuition while there - and looted it like it was HIS piggy-bank. He is a CROOK.


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