Southampton Incident Reports: Trespassing, Criminal Mischief Reported

Crimes and suspicious incidents from Dec. 4 to Dec. 10. reported to Southampton Town police.

A weekly round-up of reported crimes and suspicious incidents from the Southampton Town Police Department:

Criminal Trespass

• In Quiogue on Dec. 6, the owner of an auto salvage company located on South Country Road reported to police that two trespassers were spotted on a surveillance video that was sent to his phone. Due to dark lighting, said investigators, the two men were unable to be identified. The investigation is continuing with reports of similar incidents popping up in the area. Detectives say trespassers are combing East End sites for scrap metal as well as car parts at auto salvage shops.

• A Hampton Bays man who lives on East Montauk Highway told police on Dec. 3 that he spotted an unidentified man trespassing on his property. According to the report, the intruder left the scene in a truck bearing a U.S. Virgin Islands plate.


• A burglary was reported on Dec. 6 at a residence on Sea Farm Lane in Bridgehampton. Taken was a 42-inch Samsung television. Police are looking into the matter.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

• A Coram man reported on Dec. 7 that a driver in a white truck struck his vehicle on Deerfield Road in Water Mill and then continued on without reporting the incident.

• In Hampton Bays on Dec. 3, a Hampton Bays woman reported that her car was hit in the King Kullen parking lot on East Montauk Highway. Whomever hit the woman's car, took off and left the scene without reporting it, she said. Paint and the taillight of the car was damaged in the incident.

Petty Larceny

• In Hampton Bays on Dec 6., a shopper at the Macy's store reported that her wallet was stolen out of her purse. Missing, say police, is a brown Coach wallet containing the victim's driver's license and $40 in cash.

• At the Westhampton 7-Eleven on Mill Road on Dec. 3, an employee reported to police that a customer left with items while still owing $1.50. According to the report, the man paid $17.08 towards the bill, went out to his car to get the remaining $1.50 but didn't return with the money.

• A Westhampton woman reported the theft of cash and her prescription eyeglasses on Nov. 4 from her car that was parked on Bayview Drive. The victim reported that the car doors were unlocked. $20 in cash was also taken.

• A Hampton Bays man told police on Dec. 4 that $750 in cash was taken from his home on Westbury Road. No further action, say police, was taken in the investigation. 

Grand Larceny

• A car theft was reported in Bridgehampton on Dec. 5 by a Selden man. Police say the complainant's vehicle was taken from a location on Montauk Highway.

• The theft of several jewelry items was reported at a residence on Spruce Street in East Quogue on Dec. 4. Missing is a diamond-studded ring and a gold band with 1/2 carat of diamonds.

• A plastic green floating dock was reported missing from a Westhampton home on Dec. 5. The owner of the house told police that the dock, worth about $1,600, was stolen from her front yard.

• Lawn trimmers, a leaf blower and two chainsaws were reported stolen on Dec. 4 from a property on Pine Tree Lane in Westhampton. According to police, the items were taken from a parked landscaping trailer on the property. 

• A Tiffany & Co. bracelet and necklace were reported missing on Dec. 3 from a North Haven home. Also taken, according to the complainant, was an iPad. Police are investigating the possibility that the housekeeper took the items.


• In Hampton Bays on Dec. 8, a man told police that he was attacked at a location on Foster Avenue in Hampton Bays by another man. The blows, according to the report, caused the victim to sustain a black eye. No arrest related to the incident has yet been reported.


• A Hampton Bays man told police on Dec. 5 that he was punched and cursed out by another man at a location on Cedar Lane. Police are investigating.

Attempted Identity Theft

• On Dec. 2, a North Sea man told police that a woman attempted to list his house as a rental from a location in Texas. The online ad asked for interested parties to send a $900 deposit to the Texas address. The investigation is pending.

Jaguar-Guy December 12, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Major Crime - Man walks out owing $1.50 to 7-11, but paid $18.00. Call Eric Holder.
Jaguar-Guy December 13, 2012 at 12:26 PM
Thinking about this more, you realize that the moronic owners of the Hampton Bays 7-11 actually called the Police and Reported this CRIME of a whopping 150 pennies (after being paid $18.00). WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TAX-PAYER TAX DOLLARS AND OF THE POLICE OFFICER'S TIME !!! I will NEVER patronize that 7-11.
Jerry Can December 13, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Sounds to me that the employee should have held on to the items until the man got the change he needed. Unfortunately, the employee was trusting and instead taken advantage of. He and his store were the victim here and are correct in reporting the crime no matter how small it seems and the cost of police time. They are entitled to the protection and may this be a lesson to store owners of this type of petty scam. Also this puts potential shop lifters that theft will not be tolerated at the 7.


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