UPDATED: Fire Department Responds to Residential Fire

An electrical fire broke out at 101 Oneck Lane in Westhampton Beach on Thursday evening.

The responded to a structure fire at 101 Oneck Lane in Westhampton Beach on Thursday evening, according to Chip Bancroft, Westhampton Beach Fire chief.

Bancroft said a call came in from the homeowner, who reported that a fire broke out near his home's electrical box.

The fire department responded within minutes — Bancroft reported that one department member was on the scene within a minute and a half.

"He lives right down the street," Bancroft said.

Upon arrival, firefighters found the house under heavy smoke. Moving to the basement they found an electrical fire that started in a beam above the home's electrical panel that was moving behind the home's walls from receptacle to receptacle. Using a thermal imaging camera, firefighters were able to pinpoint areas where they needed to put out flames, said Bancroft.

The Long Island Power Authority was called in after firefighters were unable to cut the electricity to the home.

Bancroft said the home had no neutral, which was preventing the electric from being shut down.

Bancroft said it is unclear why the home had no neutral line, but it could be due to a downed wire outside the home.

The home was secured with minimal damage," said Bancroft.

The homeowner and his dog were not injured and did get out of the house. When firefighters arrived, the homeowner was attempting to put out sparks that were flying onto a bin filled with Christmas lights.

"You don't want to do that," said Bancroft.

The fire was the second that the Westhampton Beach Fire Department responded to on Thursday.

The department was also called to a 30 by 30 foot brush fire on Sunrise Highway near exit 63 during the mid afternoon hours. 

Bancroft said state troopers put the fire out with extinguishers and firefighters sprayed the area to ensure the fire wouldn't start up again.

Lee Wadelton January 20, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Erika, What is a neutral line? mentioned in article. Do most homes have them, are they required to have them?
Erica Jackson (Editor) January 20, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Lee, Every home has a neutral line. It is basically the ground wire.


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