Cops Release Info About Beach Bar Stabbing Suspect

Police said five to seven individuals fled the scene of a stabbing at Beach Bar over the weekend.

After a early Saturday morning, said on Wednesday that a 5-foot-8, 240-pound Hispanic male may have been involved in the incident, and are seeking the public's help to close the case.

According to police, he was wearing an orange/red shirt, and a silver cross hanging on a cable that contained clear studs around his neck.

No further information about any other suspects was released.

Police said another five to seven individuals are believed to have fled the scene, none of whom were caught by police after a K-9 unit was called.

The incident started inside the bar, cops said, and continued outside. The two victims were found with stab and slash wounds on their arms and heads, police said.

The two stabbing victims, both from the Shirley-Mastic area according to police, were transported to Southampton Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Cops said one was released from the hospital later that day, and the other victim required surgery.

Anyone with additional information about the case is urged to call Det. Gates at 631-702-2240.


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