Cops: Gasoline Siphoned Out Of Man's Car While Parked In Driveway

Also a Springville Road apartment was broken into, TV and foreign coins stolen.

The following incidents were reported by the Town of Southampton Police Department for the week of Jan. 20.

Hampton Bays

  • Someone broke into a man’s Springville Road apartment on Jan. 15 and left with the victim’s television as well as other valuables. According to police the victim had left his place at around 12:30 p.m. and when he returned he noticed someone had broken the window next to his front door and pushed in the door itself, damaging the jamb. Stolen was the victim’s 40” Samsung TV, valued at around $500 and approximately $100 in foreign coins.
  • Someone removed about 20-25 feet of copper piping from a home on Kyle Road after breaking in through the basement sometime between Jan. 8 and 13. According to police the victim called 911 at around 4:40 p.m. on Jan. 13 to report the break-in. Police reported that the perpetrator(s) got in through the Bilko doors located in the rear of the home. Detectives are still investigating the burglary.
  • Police are looking into who might have trespassed onto the property of Bays Auto Repair and made off with a couple hydraulic fittings on Jan. 17. According to police the theft went down sometime during the night of Jan. 16 when the suspect(s) snuck into the fenced in yard of the Montauk Highway business and grabbed the fittings, which are intended for a John Deere 250 Hi-Flow Skid Steer. The parts were valued at around $170 in total.
  • Someone siphoned gas out of the tank of a Hampton Bays man’s car while it was parked at his Gardina Avenue home on Jan. 15. According to police the victim called 911 at around 5 p.m. to report that when he went out to his 2008 Honda he noticed that his gas tank was nearly empty, after having left it three-quarters full the night before. He also told police that when he opened the fuel cap door, a pair of vinyl gloves fell out. Police believe approximately 10 gallons were stolen out of the tank, and are still investigating the crime as a petty larceny.


  • Someone broke into a home office at a residence on Post Street sometime around Jan. 5. According to police the victim called 911 at around 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 13 to report the break in. The victim said nothing was stolen, but the office, which is located on the second floor, was forced into, damaging the door and doorknob. The damage done was valued at less than $250. The victim wished to report the crime for documentation purposes only at this time.
  • Someone broke into a man’s car in Flanders and stole a portable DVD player sometime during the night of Jan. 12. According to police the victim called 911 at around 9 a.m. on Jan. 13 to report the crime, stating that the perpetrator(s) went into his unlocked Ford Taurus while it was parked on Flanders Road. Stolen was a black GPX DVD Player, valued at around $90. Police have no leads or suspects at this time.
  • The owner of the Best Price Auto shop on Riverleigh Avenue in Flanders called police to report that someone stole more than $700 in blank inspection stickers on Jan. 17. According to police the owner said the theft took place sometime the night before and that he has questioned his employees about the crime. New York State Inspection stickers carry a face-value. According to the report, 19 stickers in total were taken. The owner informed police the he would investigate further and report back with whatever information he gathers. The case is still active pending further investigation.


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