Anderson Cooper Victim of 'Celebrity Swatting'; Cops Look To Charge Caller

911 received false report that man shot his wife in Cooper's Quiogue house.

Police believe a call about a shooting in Quiogue last month, which brought out patrol cars from four police agencies, was part of a trending hoax, called "Celebrity Swatting."

It appears Anderson Cooper may have been the target of a false report in which police said the caller told 911 dispatchers that a man had shot his wife at a house located at St. George Place in Quiogue on April 4.

The incident is unrelated to a unsubstantiated report of a shooting on Friday night in Westhampton, police said.

According to a police report released on Monday, Southampton Town police along with officers from the State, Quogue and Westhampton Beach descended on the house after police received a 911 call that a man shot his wife at the residence on April at about 5 a.m.

Upon arrival, police did not know what to expect — it was unknown if the "perpetrator was still on the scene with a weapon," the report said.

Police searched the main residence and a pool house, but found nothing to suggest a shooting had taken place. After police contacted the homeowner, it was determined that the call was a "celebrity swatting" prank, the report said.

According to multiple news websites, celebrity swatting is a prank that involves a call to police of a crime in progress with the crime reported so heinous that it draws a Swat-like response from police. It has gotten so out of control in Los Angeles that the LAPD no longer reports on the incidents, according to KTLA.

Celebrities who have been "swatted" include Ryan Seacrest, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise.

Southampton Police said they have no leads at this time, but are still investigating.


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