What Our Readers' Think: Sydney's Owner to Sue Chamber Over Farmers Market

A round-up of readers' comments.

On Tuesday, Patch reported that Erin Finley, owner of  and president of the , said she plans to file a lawsuit against the  over a new chamber policy that restricts Main Street businesses from participating in the popular.

Readers had a lot to say. The following is a round-up of their comments. Feel free to ad to the conversation by posting your thoughts in the comment section below. 

 said, "I understand her point. However, having been sold rancid fried chicken (the ptui heard round the beach) at Sydney's in the past, it may eliminate some legal problems for the market organizers in the future."

 responded, "If brought to my attention I would have apologized for anything sold that was not up to par. It is our goal to always provide fresh, wonderful food but if this was to happen obviously there was a problem. Perhaps you should have come by at the time so that we were able to rectify it. My apologies."

 said, "A little bit much to say "not a single person comes down from the farmers market." I think she might be wrong there!"

 added, "The market does indeed bring new people to the village but then provides most everything they came to town to buy. Therefore, it has always been unlikely that many or any of those "new people" have spent their money any place else."

 responded to Bob and said, "Yes Bob, perhaps that is an exaggeration, some, and I mean a small some, do travel down to Main St. I love the Farmer's Market and what it provides but I do feel that there is a strong disconnect between it and Main St. Now to add insults to injury not only are direct competitors to Main St. permitted at the farmers market, Main St. merchants are prohibited. My purpose at the Farmer's Market was twofold; to provide a service I was asked to by the chamber after the market lost a vendor and to attempt to expose Main St. and all it has to offer to the customer base already patronizing the market."

 wrote, "I think it's all a shame that for such a small village it comes to this. I don't see why anyone should be excluded if their goods fit the purpose of the farmers market. I do not think Erin should be excluded or anyone else if they file properly etc. I do think the farmer's market enhances the town and offers something that people really enjoy. I think anything that does that helps the town and its vitality. Can't we all play in the sandbox nicely? All business is good for us. It is discrimination to not let Erin in because she owns a business is my opinion. What's next? because someone is not in the chamber organization?"

 said, "I have to say I agree with the Chamber. I think it is a great idea to protect business people who wouldn't normally have access to the WHB market. Syndey's has a store front, what more do they want?"








Main st merchant May 13, 2012 at 01:00 PM
And the chamber wonders why they can't get main street merchants to join their organization. Most times, I think not only are they not promoting main street business but in fact they are anti main street. Why would the chamber want to hinder the very people they are supposed to be representing?
MLT May 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
You don't post all coments posted why patch.?


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