What Our Readers Think: Photographer Captured Westhampton Race History

A round-up of reader's thoughts on photos of the former Westhampton Raceway.

On Monday, Patch posted a story about a Smithtown photographer who captured the history of the former Westhampton raceway.

The following is a round-up of what our readers had to say.  Feel free to add to the conversation by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.

said, "I miss not being able to race my car on LI, instead I to travel out of state to enjoy my hobby now. Shame!!!! To bad we can bring LID back!!! But maybe we can get a new one built!!!"

wrote, "All motorheads on the island miss this track. Nothing worse then giving our money to another state and the long drives needed to get to them. I hope one day to get a track back on the island to get the people off the streets and back to a safe place for all."

added, "I miss being able to spend the day racing my car on a test and tune day. Helped me clear my head by the end of the day. Its a shame to spend money in another state to do the same thing. Driving thru bridge tolls , wasting gas in traffic jams to drive 2 hrs away doesn't help our Long Island economy. I would love to see a conservative raceway built that would make everyone happy."

said, "It is a shame that the first purpose built drag strip in the US was not saved as a historical place. I made my first passes at Westhampton. Hopefully wiser heads will prevail and legal 1/4 mile drag racing will be back on Long Island."

said, "I also race off long island don't the politicians realize that a lot of revenue is going off the island too. I don't get it. Great job Ted you've taken great photo's over the years."


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