What Our Readers' Think: New International BBQ to Open in Westhampton

A round-up of readers' comments.

Earlier this week, Westhampton-Hampton Bays Patch published a story about a new international barbecue restaurant, called Buckhead's Grill, that is set to open in early August at the former Finn's restaurant in Westhampton. 

Patch readers had a lot to say about the new restaurant.

The following is a round-up of reader's comments. Feel free to add to the conversation by posting in the comment section below. 

 said, "Radically chic barbecue"? Pass.

 wrote, "Let's hope the BBQ at this place is better than Cody's in Riverhead."

 added, "I have eaten at his restaurants they our out of this world Westhampton in for a treat. And for the guy who said pass go try it. Then comment."

 said, "Sounds mouth-watering! Looking forward to a change of pace."

 wrote, "Iv'e been one of his places before and the food is unbelievable, especially for the prices."

 said, "Can't wait... I have been to one of the restaurants in North Carolina and was blown away by the taste of everything I ate... so excited to have one in Westhampton."

 said, "Nice to see something will be opening where yet another Gordon Ramsay project has closed down."

 said, "Looking forward to eating at the new restaurant."

 said, "I met Leopold a few years back at one of his restaurants in Georgia. His nickname is "Butch Barbecue" so I don't know why everyone is trying to make a big deal about nothing. His brisket is out of this world and I'm looking forward to Buckheads."

anke July 16, 2012 at 12:07 AM
WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!! We need some new excitement around here!! Hope they have some of the new local beers too!
bb October 05, 2012 at 01:22 PM
wonder who Lello is??? and how does he know so much about the food?... looks fishy to me


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