What Our Readers' Think: Canoe Place Inn Proposal

A round-up of reader's comments.

Patch readers had a lot to say after a Tuesday afternoon public scoping hearing on a and adjoinging property in Hampton Bays. 

The hearing brough out numberous residents who stood both in support and against the propsoal, which calls for 40 town homes to be built on the canal, as well as the the renovation of Canoe Place Inn. 

The following is a round-up of what Patch readers, had to say. Be sure to add to the conversation by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.  

 wrote, "I grew up in staten island. They raped that place. Don't let it happen here. 40 townhouses, means more than 80 cars. Condos/townhouses destroy a place."

 said, "How do people figure there is no more canal access? The Town House would go on the east side of the canal where Tiderunners is. It has nothing to do with the piece of canal from the locks down to the jetty. It also has no impact whatsoever on the canal access owned by the county on the west side. Whenever I see people on the canal walking, fishing, sitting, they are never doing it front of the now defunct Altenkirchs, or Tiderunners, unless they are drinking at that establishment of course!"

 offered, "There are those who wish to save Canoe Place Inn, and those who would like to see it torn down. I am not for saving the Canoe Place Inn. I'll tell you what someboby said to me "Move the building across the street onto town property" Let these folks build what they want on the west side where the CPI stands(Tear down/Move CPI)."

 responded, " I forgot, you didn't mention what you would 'allow' the owners of the east side of the canal build. You do realize that they are allowed, as of right, to build on that site and will in fact do so. Therefore, given your 'plan' they will be allowed, BY RIGHT, to build town houses on the current Inn property, the Inn will be on "town property" wherever that would be, then they could build again on the east side. How is that an improvement? As of right they can build a larger structure than what is on the Inn property right now. Great! Let's building on both sides of the canal, vs building on one and redoing what is there now. That sounds like a real 'win win' for those who want less construction in the hamlet of Hampton Bays."

Joanne Schultz June 18, 2012 at 02:12 PM
the Canoe Place Inn has a place in history for Hampton Bays. I say if the funds are there it should be restored but hopefully to the classy place it was originally. There are lots of beer brawling places to go already but Hampton Bays could sure use a bit of class from the good old days.


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