Watching the Jets at the Local Bar

A fun night with a disappointing ending.

For any Jets fan, the AFC championships began with a lull, but all fans started the game with high hopes. I started out watching the game at the with some quality Jets fans. They all seemed to believe the Jets would win despite a bad start.

Tim Henry, owner of the Fisherman’s Quarters, said in the second quarter, “The Jets are gonna win—they start out slow.”

Gene Gentile, a Fish patron, said, “They have the Cinderella story behind them—you gotta root for the underdog.”  Although, he did admit that the Jets defense wasn’t playing well because “they’ve been getting penalties.”

Even though Marc Braeger is a Giants fan he wanted the Jets to win “for the economy out here.”

It seemed like all sports fans had their hearts set on the Jets.

I left an atmosphere of subdued support for the Jets at the Fish to find the fanatic side of fandom at Doran’s.

When I made my way to Doran’s the game seemed to be looking up for the Jets. The energy was running higher and there were more people at Doran’s.  Doran’s has plenty of football regulars with a collection of Jerseys and face paint.

Ryan Hernandez and his friends usually go to Doran’s every Sunday, to watch the game because he is a big Jets fans and so is Terry, the owner of Doran’s.

“We actually put the Jets flag up outside without Terry knowing,” he said.

As the game seemed to turn around, the crowd got riled up. At that point, either way the game went, reactions were high.  As a penalty was called people hit the table and yelled.

When the Jets got their first touchdown I heard someone yell, “I’m going to have a f***ing heart attack.”

People were screaming and clapping, hugging and happy.

But, alas, the Jets did not make a comeback and the game ended with a win from the Steelers. The Jets were out-played and many fans left disappointed but still happy their team made it as far as they did. 


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