Watch: Local Businessman Takes On President Obama

A. Hunt Marckwald, owner of East End Liquidity Solutions, LLC posted this video on YouTube.

Like most, A. Hunt Marckwald, owner of East End Liquidity Solutions, a check cashing company that opened recently in Westhampton Beach, has strong feelings about this year's presidential election. But, Marchwald said he wanted to not only have his voice heard, but also spread the word because he said he believes that not many of his customers, for example, have time to read the newspaper.

"These guys are hard-working and come in here sweat dripping and muddy. They should know what's going on," said Marckwald.

That's why Marchwald recently filmed a video of himself, telling President Barack Obama and his administration just what he really thinks.

"People need to know about this incredibly excessive waste and debt. The whole thing is out of control. I want to point out and say Osama is dead and GM is alive, but we are 27 billion dollars in debt. If we can break that down to a per person cost, there would be a March on Washington unlike any other that we have seen before," he said and added, "Hello. We need to Wake Up!"

So far, Marckwald has posted three videos and he said he has plans to make a few more before Election Day.

View Marchwald's other videos by clicking here


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