Top Blogs to Check Out On Patch: Southampton Elections, Career Services and Predictions

A round-up of blogs posted during the week of Dec. 31.

1. Career Services At Westhampton Free Library

Westhampton Free Library posted a listing of new programs related to jobs, and new careers.

2. Big Election Year for Southampton Town Government

T.J. Clemente discusses the upcoming 2013 Southampton town election and says it will bring fireworks at the very least.


Blake Fleetwood wrote that a concept of a modern-day asylum -- a refuge -- could solve a multitude of problems for both society and the individuals themselves.

4. Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: A New Beginning for 2013

Holly&Heather provide a list of helpful hints for starting your new year fresh and joyful.

5. 2013 Channeled Predictions

Samantha Paitakis, a psychic medium provides her psychic predictions for the New Year. She says fantastic events will unravel.

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