Nuzzi: I Will Not Run for Supervisor at This Time

Southampton Town councilman explains decision to turn down supervisor nomination.

Over the past several months and two weeks in particular, there has been speculation about whether or not I would be running this year for the position of Southampton Town Supervisor. At the nominating convention of the Southampton Town Republican Committee on May 19, I was honored with the support of the committee and nomination to run, along with the request that I reconsider my prior decision to not get into the race at this time. I truly appreciate the confidence that members of the committee have in me and have valued their support throughout my tenure in office. In addition, I want to thank town residents and others who reached out to me with kind words of encouragement and offers of support if I were to make the run at this time.

For those who know me, I hope that I am recognized as an honest public official with strong core beliefs, a moral compass and a consistent pattern of thought and reaction. I’d like to be known as someone who values listening over speaking and offers a level perspective on the many issues that affect us as residents, business owners, workers and taxpayers. I truly believe in the “public servant” description of my job as a member of the town board as idealistic as that sounds, and take the responsibilities of public office very seriously. And I understand that it is our residents who offer judgment on who we are as individuals and how we govern as elected officials. As a spouse and a father of four, I can’t express enough how important those personal and professional judgments are to me, as I realize oftentimes the impacts of those judgments extend upon my family.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve as a member of the board. My passion for public service has only been strengthened through the many interactions that I have had with Southampton residents. While we may disagree at times on particular issues, I view this time as an opportunity to get to know on a more personal level those individuals and individual opinions that make up all aspects of this community. And I can honestly say that our disagreements have not lessened my respect for members of the public but rather have provided opportunity for personal growth in understanding alternative opinions on so many issues. I can only hope that those I serve view me as someone who gives back to the community as much as I have received.

I consider my time in public office as a privilege extended to me by the voters, and I know the extent of the personal and professional commitment it takes to endure a campaign and be successful in service.  Each time I decided to put myself forward for consideration, I carefully weighed the impacts of such a decision as I believe there is no such thing as proceeding forward without being 100 percent committed.  And opportunities to pursue these positions should be carefully balanced with the requirements of family. I am fortunate to be supported by family members who have allowed me the necessary time to dedicate to my board position and other professional responsibilities.

However, after much thought and consideration, and based upon the current needs of family, I am reaffirming my decision to not run for supervisor at this time. Going forward, my commitment remains to serving the public as a member of the town board, where I intend to continue to progress the economic, environmental and quality of life issues important to our community. I look forward to future potential opportunities where personal circumstances may allow me the ability to continue my efforts in public service.


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