Letter to the Editor: It's Time Get Behind Romney

Ed Surgan of Westhampton explains why he supports Romney for President

I will admit to being a Romney supporter from the start.  And I have been Conservative in my politics since I first voted for Ronald Reagan after naively voting for Jimmy Carter as a younger more liberal man. These last 3 years spent enduring the Obama administration have been hard.  He has unfortunately lived down to the predictions he would lead as a hard left Liberal by those who had researched his small resume  prior to his becoming the nominee and  eventual winner of the Presidency.  He offered little guidance to a dysfunctional Congress  that would not do the peoples work and abandoned his own message to overcome the partisanship we have had for too long. Obama mishandled his duty to provide leadership by handing his leadership (Pelosi & Reid) a blank check to pursue their most extreme agendas. He wasted his political capital and good will and left us disappointed because in fact nothing has changed.  We have not prospered.   

It may look better on Wall St these days, but on Main Street it is a struggle.   Which is why I have been looking for the alternative to more of the same. The Republican Primary season has been a no holds barred  donnybrook over who is best equipped to run and win against the incumbent President.  The Press has enjoyed a  frenzy of headlines as the Republican contestants warred against each other trying to capture the hearts and minds of their voters.  I think it will mean a better Mitt Romney that will take the stage in the Fall. 

Romney is consistently better prepared and finds himself  the most qualified to make the Economy the central issue. How many of us could say we are better off today than when Obama took office.  On what record of accomplishment will the President Run? Obama Care? The Economy? The National Debt Crisis? Energy Policy?  The role of Government intrusion in citizens lives? Lower Taxes?  Immigration and border security?  

Romney is criticized for his venture as Governor of Mass into healthcare.  But what is not mentioned often is how effective he was as a Republican Gov. in a heavily Democratic state. In Sunday's issue of Newsday, many  Democrat members of the Mass State Legislature were impressed with Romney’s problem solving abilities, his grasp of complex issues, and political solutions that were worked through.  Plain and simple, he demonstrated leadership.   

As I have shown, only the President’s likeability seems to insulate him from the lack of accomplishment his time in office has produced.  He will be glib and confident as well as stuffed with cash …and the darling of a Press that has never wanted to look too closely at his past or his associations.  But, his record is his record. Only the demonization of say Romney will distract from it.  Romney is no boogeyman. He can appear to be too wealthy and successful. Too removed from the everyday worries the electorate is wrestling with  as we are told to hold on and pare back our hopes and dreams. 

But Romney and Obama are currently being judged on their superficial qualities.  When you compare their record of accomplishment,  Obama is an Emperor with no Clothes.  A likeable enough personality … a good family man who likes golf, basketball and travel…..but who will not sully himself with the details of presiding over this government.  Romney is also a good family man….I don’t even know what his hobbies are…and this maybe a shortcoming of his campaign…but, I am aware of his long record in business and as a public figure.  No contest.  Republicans will offer the country a real alternative.

A sense of urgency to address the needs of our economy and  help  prepare our people for a promising future…a future Romney would understand.  With his background, Romney  will actually  expect  and  demand a budget…..something Obama has not even looked at in over 1000 days in office…an executive not demonstrating  the most basic leadership role.  An executive holding energy growth hostage,   but claiming he has no  ability  to affect gas prices…  Let's  give Romney the opportunity to make his case  and  put a grownup in the White House.

Ed Surgan, Westhampton


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