Letter to the Editor: Deputy Mayor Stands By Her Record

Toni-Jo Birk is is vying to keep her seat from challengers Charles Palmer and Ralph Urban.

Another election season is upon us in the Village of Westhampton Beach.   I have been fortunate in having the community's enthusiastic support each time I have run for office, and have now served as a member of the Village Board of Trustees for the past six years, with the additional role of Deputy Mayor (appointed by Mayor Conrad Teller) for the past three years.

I can't believe  how quickly time has passed since I first was elected, but I can look back at some of the important milestones in our Village, knowing that I have been an informed and involved Trustee, without personal agendas, and with the ability to work well with others, including fellow Board members, Village staff, and most especially Village residents.  As a Parent, small business owner, EMT volunteer, and member of the Village Board, I have great respect for the health and well-being of our Village, and as Trustee have enthusiastically been involved in the following:

• Adopted the vitally important updated Business District Plan: a blueprint with specific standards helping new businesses to establish themselves in the Village while ensuring that we maintain the charm and quality of life we all wish to maintain in our community.

• Brought, with a dedicated group of parents, an accessible childrens playground into the Village – a project that had been little more than a parents' dream for over a dozen years.

• Brought the Town of Southampton into the Village's Business Plan update through the Community Preservation Fund purchase of a run-down property on Glover's Lane – the future of the downtown area as envisioned in our Business Plan update will now include the creation of a well-placed park for residents and visitors to enjoy.

• Revived and oversaw the Board approved Sign Committee, resulting in a streamlined application process for businesses, while establishing guidelines in keeping with the residents desire to maintain a pleasing seaside community appearance.

• Firmly supported police disciplinary hearings.

• Continuously supported fiscally responsible policies to ensure that our operating budget allows for the high quality maintenance of the Village we've all become accustomed to, at the minimum burden to the taxpayers.

Serving as Trustee, I have been most fortunate to have met and worked with numerous residents over the years who have volunteered their time to serve on advisory committees, as well as accepting appointments to serve on one of our Boards, helping shape the current and future direction of Westhampton Beach, as well as many of you who have simply sought me out for one-on-one conversations about how to make our Village better.  I believe taking an active interest in where one lives to be at the heart of what community is about, and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to continue working for you, and with you. 

Please participate in this year's election on Friday June 15, 2012.    I am asking for you, to cast your vote for me, by voting Row “C”,  in support of my re-election as Village Trustee.  Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Toni-Jo Birk

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