Letter to the Editor: Altschuler Op-Ed Is 'Chaos Campaigning'

John Bouvier responds to congressional candidate's op-ed on Obama's contraception insurance rule for Catholic organizations.

I recently became aware of an op-ed submitted By Mr. Randy Altschuler, aka “Outsourcer.”

I say submitted because it is unclear if he is the one who actually wrote it. But, no matter, it is one of those pieces that so perfectly reflects the current Republican strategy: Vague and random chaos campaigning.

It seems that Randy has now added an attack on women to his agenda. In his op-ed, he claims that President Obama has forced Catholic organizations to cover contraception costs for their employees. Where have you been Randy? Did you miss the press conference? Did you not understand what was said? Do you need a translator? And you have the nerve to call President Obama and our great Congressman Bishop hyper-partisan and openly attack them, as if somehow their clear and concise understanding of the issues at stake are a misstatement of the actual legislation? You must think that the voters are just plain dumb. Your attempt to discredit Congressman Bishop is more than transparent, it is the worst type of politics. So let me set the record straight:

  1. This Legislation does NOT force Catholic organizations to pay for contraceptive costs though insurance.
  2. 99% of women and 98% of Catholic women admit to the use of birth control.
  3. While religious nonprofits must still provide health insurance, coverage of contraceptives would be offered only to employees who ask for it. However, the charities would not have to pay for it.

So, I ask you again, Mr. Altschuler, what’s the issue? If you choose to align yourself with the Republican three-ring circus, who can only create controversy in an effort to gain an edge in their battle for nomination, then, I guess, you are simply a puppet of a failing GOP strategy. Perhaps you have forgotten that former Republican governor of New York, George Pataki, guaranteed contraceptive coverage to ALL New York women in 2002 and no Republican said a thing about it then — were you even in New York?

Take heed, women of New York, the next step is that Randy will want to repeal no-cost contraceptive coverage in New York. Randy, your real agenda is to repeal any legislation supported by President Obama. Seniors now get free preventative care through Medicare — are you saying they don’t deserve that after a lifetime of work? People who are stricken by catastrophic illness now know that their illness will not bankrupt their families. It must be nice to have a bank account big enough not to have to worry about things like that.

By the way, what is your tax rate?

John Bouvier

Chico Little February 20, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Whatever you think of the outsourcer, this piece is poorly written and edited. You needed to slow down and think for a moment, or maybe have a professional writer proof your work. Right off the top, you screw up the lede. What you want to say is "submitted UNDER THE NAME OF" Randy Outsourcer if you're charging he didn't write it. Then there are little things like you need a comma after "been" in the sentence: "Where have you been[,] Randy?" The funny thing is Mr. Altschuler could help you with this, since his business in India began offering to proof-read things like this for Americans. Basic journalistic rules also require you to reveal you're a member of the Board of Trustees. Don't be ashamed of it. It lends weight to your argument. While you did get some things wrong about the specific legislation, the comments about Altschuler as an individual are spot-on.
Chico Little February 20, 2012 at 09:30 PM
"Meadow lane just can't handle the facts about Bishop so much he has to insult me behind a computer." Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you hiding behind a meaningless web name that's just a bunch of random letters. Why don't you put your real name, there? David D'Agostino is brave enough to do it.
Joyce Flynn February 20, 2012 at 09:30 PM
I'd like to add my voice to John Bouvier's informative letter. It saddens me that the nasty campaign season has begun with Randy's Op-Ed piece trying to denigrate Congressman Tim Bishop. Mr. Bishop has a history of bi-partisanship and his continued reelection to office provides sufficient evidence that this is the case. He gets things done for his constituents and cares about our well-being and the health of our country. Other than wanting to take away women's hard-earned rights and chanting the anti-big government mantra, Randy has not provided any compelling platform that would convince an intelligent voter that he is a substantial candidate. Tim Bishop has consistently proven he's the man for the job and I am extremely proud of and grateful for his ceaseless efforts in our behalf. --
Chico Little February 20, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Again, a journalistic point of order: "Wikipedia" is not a "source." If you want to cite something there, make sure you go to the footnote and verify that source. I'm sure in this case they're right about Altschuler, but, it's a dangerous thing to get into the habit of doing because anyone can edit or post things on Wikipedia. For example, Mr. Altschuler routinely edits his entry to scrub out the truth and add in fanciful claims.
Chico Little February 20, 2012 at 10:03 PM
If we're going to boost Bishop and rip Altschuler -- as much of a doofus as he is -- it's important we not do the same kinds of things and rip his intelligence (or lack there of) and exaggerate about things like taking away our rights. Altschuler has made ceaseless efforts in his own right, Joyce. It just happens to have been on behalf of India and lining his own pockets.


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