#96 Ice Skating on Quogue Village Pond

An afternoon skate on Quogue Village pond is the perfect way to enjoy the last weeks of winter.

Drive through Quogue Village any winter weekend and you will find families enjoying a favorite free winter pastime — an afternoon skate on the village pond.

Accented with a few frozen cattails, lovely park benches and a gazebo that offers the perfect spot for sipping cocoa, the village pond is one of Quogue's many Rockwellian vistas.

Located on Jessup Avenue, directly across from Quogue Police Department headquarters, the man-made, outdoor skating rink is free of charge, though skaters must bring their own equipment.

When the weather is cold enough and the pond is frozen, a sign is posted, which reads, "ice skating today." If a few days have been above freezing mark and the pond's ice has gotten softer, a warning will be posted for visitors to stay off of the ice.

The village pond is 17 inches deep at its deepest point and is well-lit every night until around 10:30 p.m.

Built in the summer of 2006, the man-made pond was designed to be shallow so it could be used as a skating rink.

This winter, is also offering free ice skating at its recently unveiled ice skating rink at the Village Marina. The rink is not a permanent structure and will be taken down after the winter season.

The Southampton Town Parks Department also offers a skating rink at its headquarters in Hampton Bays. Like the Westhampton Beach rink, it can be taken down in the off-season.

As with the Quogue Village pond, skaters looking to use the Westhampton Beach and Hampton Bays rinks should obey posted signage which will notify individuals whether skating is permitted on that day.

Category: Outdoors, Exercise
Price: Free
Season: Winter
Note: Dress warm.

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