#90 A Quiet Walk Through the Wetlands

Quogue Wetlands Preserve offers the perfect chance to admire a unique landscape and observe local waterfowl.

The next time you’re heading down to Dune Road for another stroll in the sand, why not try a little change of scenery? With its boardwalked trail and wildlife observation area, the Quogue Wetlands Preserve offers an equally tranquil setting as any of the East End beaches. Nestled in a long stretch of high grass and salt-marsh, the 66-acre preserve is marked by a small sign and black gate, but if you blink, you might miss it.

The parking area, located about a half-mile east of the Post Lane Bridge, affords room for about two or three cars, which limits the amount of visitors, but makes it feel like a well-kept secret.  On an early morning visit, when you're likely to be the only one there, the place feels like your very own nature park.

As not to disturb any wildlife and to help maintain the integrity of the wetlands, visitors must remain on the boardwalk. A sign posted at the entrance clearly states, the preserve is for ‘passive recreational or educational uses such as bird and waterfowl watching, nature photography and educational or research projects.’

Once inside the gate, the boardwalk stretches across a salt-marsh area rimmed with tall, golden-colored grass, then over a flat, dry terrain that is dotted with scrub pines. It ends at the Shinnecock Canal.

With very little incline, the boardwalk makes it possible for nature lovers of all ages to enjoy the preserve. Between the sound of songbirds, the rustle of the wind through the dried stalks, and the distant clap of the sea, the preserve is a cacophony of sounds.  

According to Long Island Birding.com visitors can observe many types of birds at the preserve including  marsh sparrows, Seaside and Saltmarsh Sharptail,  Willow Flycatcher, Brown Thrasher, Eastern Towhee, Willets, Clapper Rail and various other shorebirds, even the Northern Harrier.

Category: Outdoors
Price: Free
Season: Year-round

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