#89 Steaks and More at 1 North

Not limited to prime cuts, Hampton Bays' 1 North Steakhouse serves up a bowl of velvety perfection with its lobster mac-n-cheese.

Going into his third summer as the executive chef at, Chris Cariello admits he hasn't had much time for anything else, but cooking food. For Cariello, the family business is the restaurant business, having cut his teeth cooking in family eateries and various other East End kitchens' since he was 12.

“Our menu changes with the seasons, so we are just putting together our new spring dishes,” said Cariello, a Johnson & Wales graduate and former culinary school teacher. “We keep the favorites dishes throughout the year. Things like the steaks are always on our menu and of course-the lobster mac-n-cheese.”

Similar to how wine connoisseurs cherish the taste of particular varietals, a foodie appreciates the taste of a good, aromatic cheese. Bringing a new twist to the traditional mac-n-cheese, chef Cariello forfeits the standard sharp cheddar and elbows and blends a locally-crafted smoked Gouda with generous chunks of lobster meat and shell pasta into his popular dish.

"It's really creamy, not baked," explained Cariello. "Everything is sautéed together, which really keeps the dish smooth and flavorful."

Although offered as an appetizer, Cariello’s lobster mac-n-cheese makes a perfect entrée when paired with the arugula salad garnished with sliced pears and a glass of Alsatian white wine.  

Known for its extensive selection of steak, this Hampton Bays staple also serves up fresh local seafood and nightly specials. The chef’s attention to detail is apparent in the artful combination of flavors that are found in specials like pork loin stuffed with garlicky broccoli rabe and tangy fontina topped with a dollop of roasted tomato cream. Shying away from pre-packaged purveyors, Carillo prefers to shop the local seafood markets and farm stands to insure the freshest ingredients. Since he is a Bays native, he’s in the know for the best local goods, from clams to corn.

“We have great local corn,” said Cariello. “We make a fire-roasted corn salsa, which is served with our bacon wrapped scallops. It's very popular.”

Staying open through the quiet winter months is no easy task, but Cariello takes pride in the fact that he continues to serve the locals in the off-season, offering discounted dinner specials throughout the year.

“It has helped us a little bit that other restaurants close in the winter,” said the 27-year-old chef, who runs the kitchen with the help of his father, James Cariello. “In the winter, people can stay local and still have a great dinner.”

Category: Food
Price: Moderate
Season: Open year-round. Featuring discounted dinner specials on Monday  Wednesday and Sunday nights. A private diningroom is available for large parties and special occassions.
Special Note: For more information on 1 North Steakhouse visit their website at or call 631-594-3419

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