A Great Week For Love

This week in astrology.

We start the week with Mars entering the sign of Pisces, Mars does not really like being in Pisces as the water of Pisces dims the flame of Mar’s fire.  In a chart it  can indicate someone who has a passive aggressive nature, or it can be someone who is afraid to exert themselves, this Mars right now is also conjunct the planet Neptune ruler of Pisces so it really feels unable to act.  This works itself out as people pulling back from saying what they are feeling, or maybe holding a grudge because they feel powerless to take action.  It can also mean on the world stage leaders say one thing and act a totally different way behind the scenes. This is also a very  low energy combination, Mars is our physical energy, it’s the ruler of energy in general so when Mars is “watered down” action is not as aggressive energy is low, the will to do something maybe be as strong as it is at other times. This is not a great time to start a new exercise program, you may just feel to tired to accomplish your goal. As move into the later part of the week Mars leaves it conjunction with Neptune all of us may find our energy coming back and our will to accomplish a little stronger. 

The planets Saturn and Pluto have been in mutual reception since Saturn went into Scorpio  10/5/2012, mutual reception is when on planet is in a sign ruled by the other, or Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto rules Scorpio these two planets are in the sign the other rules, meaning they are working well together they get how the other operates.  The potential these planets have working together is tremendous.  They are the movers and shakers of the zodiac, they do the hard work and make rules so things function in a positive way. Anyone who has earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or water, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces planets in “orb” of this current mutual reception are receiving help from the universe, it’s a good time to organize your life come up with plans and ideas for whatever your definition of success is.

On Tuesday Mercury enters Pisces, joining both Mars and Neptune, Mercury is the planet of communications so we may say, hear or perceive things very differently than they really are. Mercury in Pisces and Mercury with Neptune likes to see what it wants to see, so it says things from that perspective, its not actually telling a lie its communicating its version of reality.  So be careful of what you promise or what is promised to you.  Its not a great time to make a major decision wait until later in the week or preferably a couple of weeks for major decisions.  Mars with this combination may have you feeling the pressure of I have to do it now, not much in life has to be done “now” most things benefit from waiting a little while.

On a positive note all this Neptunian energy is great for romance, this week is a great week for love and romance. This energy is also great for the creative type, you may intuit new ideas, write everything that comes to you down on a piece of paper as the universe is very open right now ideas are floating around for someone to grab and use. Pay attention to your dreams as while you sleep your higher self can whisper secrets to you.


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