It's a Good Time To Look Inward At Your Emotional Needs

This week in astrology.

Our week starts off with a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, New Moon’s are times of renewal and new starts, the universe offers us many opportunities each month to use its energy to improve our lives.  The sign Aquarius is the sign of humanity and on a general level we can use its energy to better humanity, or use the strength of many to create change. On a personal level we can us this energy to elevate our ideals, we can rise above the minutia that holds us back in life.  The sign Aquarius is all about finding a new way to do things, open yourself up to new ways of approaching old problems.  Bring your life to a place where you can allow yourself to be free and be who you are, as well as allowing others to be who they are. We can use a New Moon for creating a new intent in our life, the energy of Aquarius can help you plant the seed of a new path in your life, let go of the need to do things they way you “should do them” allow your inner more confident self lead the way to new thoughts and ideas about your life.  This New Moon will square the Moon’s nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, this square can indicate some financial issues being brought to your attention, if you have fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in your chart your financial life may need some attention, so allow this New Moon to help you figure out some creative ways of stabilizing your resources.

On the 11th the 11th degree of all signs will be activated as Venus 11 degree’s Aquarius squares Saturn at 11 degree’s Scorpio, and then Mercury on the 12th trines Saturn from 11 degree’s of Pisces.  This combination can indicate a need to communicate your personal needs, some may feel a frustration about love and intimacy issues, others may feel frustration about financial issues and some may feel they need to make some personal statement or improvement so they feel better about themselves.  All of these things can and should be addressed during this two day time period. 

Friday the 16th brings another stimulation of the number 11 when Mars at 11 degree’s Pisces trines Saturn at 11 degree’s Scorpio.  Mars and Saturn together are great for getting work done, especially those things you avoid because you just don’t want to do them.  Since the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces are involved it’s a good time to look inward at your emotional needs, are they being met, are you expressing how you feel.  It’s a wonderful time to start therapy or find a way to look at your own personal inner workings.  You can let someone know how you feel about them by “doing” something special that touches them on an emotional level. 

The number 11 has a major significance on a spiritual level, it’s the number of light workers. Those of you who see the number often such as each time you look at a clock its 11:11 are being reminded you came to planet earth with a purpose.

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