Saturn and Pluto In Mutual Reception

This week in astrology.

This week starts off with the planets Mercury and Venus still in sextile, so we still have many opportunities for positive communications and presentation of ideas.  Since Mercury is in Scorpio and Venus is in Virgo our thoughts run deeper than usual, and problem solving is something that will be valued.  But we may find as much as we try what we say does not always sound as positive as its meant to be. Scorpio can be caustic, so Mercury in this sign struggles with being soft.

On Monday the Sun enters Scorpio, joining Mercury and Saturn.  The Sun and Saturn together can feel very restrictive, and in the sign Scorpio suspicious.  Now that we are totally immersed in the political frenzy that happens before each major election we are going to see may accusations, and scare tactics used. Its our job to stay centered and fetter out truth, which is often evident when we push away the hype.  The same day the Sun enters Scorpio, the Moon enters Pisces and joins Neptune, a perfect astrological combination for where we are as a society, do we want to be rigid and financially conservative or do we want to feel that urge to help those who cannot help themselves.  It’s a struggle that has been going on for time immemorial.  Since these planets trine each other we can figure out a way to do both, the challenge is do we want to figure that way out.  

Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in what is called mutual reception, or each planet is in the others sign.  Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto Rules Scorpio.  This combination means the next three years brings us tremendous opportunity to figure out how to solve problems, those that don’t understand each other will now have the opportunity to step in the shoes of the “other” and maybe “get” where they are in life.

By the end of the week the planet Mars is in opposition to the planet Jupiter this can be a positive combativeness or it can be chaos.  Both these planets want to push and move, since they are in the signs of communications they can represent fiery energy, you may find if you are a Gemini or Sagittarius that you feel enthusiastic or combative, or you may find others confronting you.  My suggestion is to hold back the urge to force your ideas on others, and don’t get overly stress of others do their best to force ideas on you.  We may also see some tensions on the world stage because of this energy.  Words become important at the end of the week so choose them carefully.

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