Neptune Entering Pisces is Significant

A look at what it means as Neptune enters Pisces.

On Friday, February 3, the planet Neptune leaves the sign of Aquarius and enters the sign of Pisces.  The last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1847 — It takes Neptune 164 years to travel through the zodiac, making the sign change an important astrological event.  

Each planet carries with it an archetypal energy and each sign of the zodiac also has an archetypal energy.  As any planet changes from one sign to another, we see the energy of that sign and planet highlighted.  For example, one of the archetypal energies of the planet Mercury is information and the sharing of information.  So how information is given will be colored by the sign Mercury is in. 

Mercury in Aries will be very forceful and blunt in expression, but when in a sign like Libra, it’s diplomatic and politically correct.  As Mercury travels through the zodiac, we get to experience the planet in all of its expressions.  Since Mercury is one of the faster moving planets, we also get to experience it in all the signs of the zodiac each year.  It’s not a major jolt to our collective consciences as the energy shifts.

The outer planets, Uranus through Pluto, create a shift in our collective consciousness when they change signs so, we tend to see more dramatic changes in personal lives, as well as in worldwide events. Over the past several years all the outer planets have moved from one sign to another — You would have to be living in another dimension not to have noticed all the changes we have experienced both personally and collectively.

Neptune entering Pisces means looking into the past. It also includes a look at what the planet and sign mean astrologically.  Neptune rules the sign Pisces so the planet and sign have a strong synergy between them. Any time a planet is in the sign it rules, it intensifies and strengthens the meanings associated with both.

Neptune as a planet has influence over boundaries both the lack of and too many, as well as the shadowy area between one thing or another.  It’s also about idealism, but it can also indicate too much faith and trust in the wrong person thing or idea.  It’s compassionate and sensitive, as well as needy and insecure. It can also be tricky and dishonest. It also hides the truth and shows us the illusions of what we want to see or hear. Neptune likes to hide from reality and has an affinity with drugs and alcohol. Neptune energy is difficult for most people because of its elusive and tendency towards confusion nature. Neptune also blurs the line between fact and fiction. The primary energy of Neptune is to merge with something larger than itself.  

When we look at Pisces energy, we see trusting and in many ways innocent energy.  This is the sign that wants to help those who cannot help themselves, but it’s also a sign that needs to make sure it does not allow itself to become a victim of circumstances or a victim of others.  This sign wants to make a difference in the world and will become totally self-sacrificing to achieve that goal. The energy of this sign thrives under loving, calm and esthetically beautiful surroundings, but wilts under harsh, negative and cold environments.  This is the sign of the dreamer and artist.  So, when we take the planet Neptune and its sign Pisces, we see right away we are entering a time when confusion, uncertain realities and illusions take the forefront.  What we want to see is what we see.  But we are also entering a time when the inherent kindness and desire to help in humanity will be stimulated.

A look into the past can help us understand our present and future so we look at where we were historically the last time we had the combination of the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces 1847-1861.  During this time period, the United States was getting ready to end the civil war, spiritualize was on the rise, Mary Todd Lincoln had séances at the White House, many new drugs and narcotics were being discovered, anesthesia’s and pain medications were discovered and used, Charles Darwin was developing his theories on evolution and wrote his Origin of the Species, and the communist manifestos was written. Neptune also rules the seas and oil, the first commercial oil well was sunk in 1853.  So, we now ask what can all of this mean for our current time and future, as Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces until 2026.

I believe we will look back in time and realize the years of 2012 and 2013 were turning points; it’s when we started to look at our world and environment in a very different way than we have been over the past decade. 

First our oceans. We are polluting and damaging our oceans and if this continues, it will affect our very ability to exist on this planet, so something has to be done and we will start to do it. We will also have major developments on the medical front, especially in areas of drugs and pain management.  Our obligations to those who cannot help themselves will be strongly felt andwe will collectively start to realize we harm ourselves when we turn our backs on those in need, but we will also find ways to balance how we help.  Just like in the 1800’s when Darwin’s theory of evolution started a battle between science and religion, we will see lines of division between science and organized religion.  We will see people understanding belief, faith and spirituality in a more personal way. We may find drugs that are now illegal become legal, such as marijuana, but the down side, this is we may find people rely more on drugs and medications than is necessary.  Since Neptune rules the oceans, we have weather that is a little damper and stormier during this time period. Storms such as hurricanes that develop in the seas may become more common and more dangerous. 

So like all change, some will be good some will be challenging, but in general we are going to find a toning down of the anger that is so prevalent in today’s society and find a kinder and gentler energy coming forward.  But, we still need to struggle through the next couple of years to reach that point.  

On an individual level each of us needs to look at our own lives and our own environment and ask ourselves what we do to make the world a better and healthier place.  Each of us individually sets a tone that is the energy the collective conscious of humanity.

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rita February 03, 2012 at 01:39 AM
thanks LeLonni for a nice summary.
LeLonni Campbell February 04, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Thanks Rita I appreciate the feedback


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