2012 In Astrology: Advances Will Be Made In The Medical Field

When Neptune enters Pisces in February we will see marijuana legalized.

The Chinese have a saying, “May you live in interesting Times.” We do. You would have to be living in a cave on a mountain not to know we have a worldwide unrest. That unrest takes many forms and comes from many viewpoints. Not all agree on what causes the unrest in the world and certainly not all agree on how to solve those problems. Since astrology is about cycles and patterns, as much as it is about energy and planetary movement, astrology can give us some insight to our current state of affairs.

Astrology works as a four legged stool, first we have the signs of the zodiac. They are the energy and represent archetypal patterns. Then, we have the planets They carry that energy. Next, we have the houses of a horoscope; these are the mundane areas of the life where the planets disperse the energy they are carrying. Finally, we have aspects, or the angles between planets. They tell us how well the planets are getting along with each other.

On a universal and energetic level, we are in the middle of a cycle that is dominated by the planets, Uranus and Pluto. (We astrologers know that Pluto was deemed a dwarf planet by astronomers, but for our purposes that is a non- issue).

The planet Uranus has a 84-year cycle or it takes 84 years to travel through all the signs of the zodiac. It spends approximately seven years in each sign. Pluto has 248 years cycle or it takes 248 years for Pluto to travel through all the signs of the zodiac. It can spend anywhere from 12 to 31 years in a sign. Uranus is the planet of change and is known as the Awakener. Pluto is the planet of death and renewal and he is known as "the Destroyer."

These two planets together work to change what no longer serves us, so we can rebuild and create something better. When we have these planets affect us on a personal level, we normally have life crisis’ that are the result of not dealing with a long standing issue: We may have ignored it, or not seen it. Then, these planets come along and force a crisis and we have to deal with it.

On a Universal level, they do the same thing — they bring to the surface what is not working and force us to deal with it. It’s the quintessential energy of the commoner against the elite. These planets have a 40 year cycle and every 40 to 50 years we have the need to review and change.

From a historical perspective, we can look back a few cycles: 1964-67, 1930-1934,1886-1889. What we may realize looking at this historically is the fact that the children born in 1964 are now adults and will be the ones wanting to change how things are while the children born in the 30’s were the adults that made the changes in the 60’s and so on. So, the children being born today are destined to solve the problems that we leave for them from this unstable time period.

The last time Uranus and Pluto were in the signs and aspect they are in at the current time was in the 1760s. For a refresher course, this is a time period when many revolutions were fought including the French Revolution and the one that created the United States. There were housing crises over pricing on homes and foreclosures. The planets Uranus and Pluto were forcing us to look at what holds us back and then reclaim our own power. We have given power away and now we want it back. This is the energy that is feeding the unrest in our current society and many societies all over the world. We are about half way through this cycle, and we still have many changes to come.

June of 2012 is considered the midway point of the Uranus/Pluto contact that is fueling the current unrest. But, not all is doom and gloom — We will also see major breakthroughs in the medical field. We will also see more of a main stream embracing of alternative practices. Technology will become less expensive and more readily available to all.

One of the most talked about event of 2012 is the Mayan Prophecy, which some say predict end times. To fully understand the Mayan Prophecy would take much more than I can write in a blog, but in simple terms: The end is NOT near. The Mayan’s were great Astronomers/Astrologers, they knew the cycles of the solar system and understood the precession of the equinox. The precession is the movement of the solar system throughout the zodiac, which is a process that takes about 26,000 years. So, from a universal perspective, it’s a fairly common event, and has happened thousands of times. From our perspective, it’s a fairly rare event as we have never experienced it.

The short story behind what the Mayans predicted is they knew about the precession and the end of the long count calendar was the end of a cycle. The Mayans also have left written documentation of the start of the new cycle. On Dec. 21, 2012, the Sun will rise in alignment with the center of our galaxies. This is an exciting event that the majority of Astrologers feel will usher in a new spiritual energy — A time when we can create a better world. This does not mean we get up on Dec. 21, 2012 to world peace and everyone loving everyone else. It just means that we are receiving an energy that will allow us to tap into our higher or better self; we can make choices on how to use this energy nothing is forced on us. But those who are sensitive to this energy, may find they are feeling a pull towards a more loving life style.

Some of the major events of 2012:

Neptune enters Pisces 2/3/2012—The last time Neptune was in Pisces was 184 so it’s been a while. It will stay in Pisces for 14 years. We will see a stronger interest in saving our oceans and our water supplies in general. We will also see marijuana legalized. We may also see an uptick in the more spiritual side of life; traditional religions may not hold as much sway over the masses. Neptune can be about illusions, so we may find out things are not as they seem in all areas of our lives. We will also see the rights of those who cannot protect themselves protected. We are going to have a surge in humanitarian efforts during this time, but 2012 is going to bring us to the brink before this begins.

Mercury Retrograde 3/12/2012-4/4/2012 again 7/14/2012 – 8/8/2012 again 11//6/2012 -11/26/2012 -- For a full explanation for this cycle, click here.

Venus Jupiter conjunction 3/14/2012 –This energy is a gift. It is a window for peace, abundance and a love of life. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will benefit the most, but all of us will feel good around this time period. We may hear good financial news and we may have opportunity to improve our own personal financial life.

Uranus Pluto square 6/24/2012 and 9/19/2012 — This is a powerful energy that indicates a tearing down of old structures and ways of doing things. It’s a revolutionary energy that demands change. Expect unrest this summer and fall. We are feeling shifts of energy and shifts of power. Many will need to reclaim their personal power.

Venus Transit 6/5 and 6/2012—A rare event that happens in a cycle of 248 years then 8 years. We had the first part of the cycle in 2004, so we are now experiencing the end of the cycle. This can be a time of major messages given out that influence the world. It can also be a time of new forms of communications

Jupiter enters Gemini 6/11/2012—The bright side to this energy is civil communications, we have lost civility in communications on many levels, Jupiter into Gemini will highlight that and find a way for us to talk to each other in a more harmonious say. It’s also a busy time — The news and media may act as if they are on steroids, we will also hear many rumors and stories where facts have not always been checked. So be prepared for a barrage of information.

Saturn enters Scorpio 10/5/2012—Saturn spends about two and a half years in a sign, so the last time Saturn was in Scorpio was in 1983. For the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this can be a restricting energy. Saturn wants you to take stock of your life and look at where you are going and adjust where you need to adjust. If you don’t take this chore on yourself, Saturn has an energy that forces issues, so it’s a time to take stock. On a universal level, this means we, as a species, need to take stock of where we are going. Since Scorpio is one of the money signs, this energy portends a new attitude about what is really necessary and what is not, it’s a time to start rebuilding a solid foundation.

All of this is a general overview of the major cycles of the upcoming year. Each month has its own occurrences, such as New and Full Moon’s, eclipses. The faster moving planets also change signs and aspects. We also have our solstices and equinoxes. I will post these events on my website, on Facebook and in this blog. Anyone who has question or comments can feel free to post a comment.

If you want to know more about what is happening in 2012 please email me about my upcoming workshop the Astrology of 2012 at lonni@astrologybylelonni.com.

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