Community Talk About GMOs, Sweeteners — Nov. 14 & Dec. 5, Hampton Bays Library

This Wednesday let's talk about healthy food choices! NY State is about to start working on Labeling GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our foods. How do GMOs affect me and my family?

Hey Fellow Eaters! FOOD SERIES!!

Let's talk all about labeling GMO's in our food in New York State, what GMO's are, the many kinds of sweeteners in the foods we eat, and how all these work in our bodies...this Wednesday! 

Join us for a lively discussion led by Kathleen Furey, certified GMO (“genetically modified organisms”) Educator, in this two-part Healthy Food series, "I'm Eating What?" the truth about GMOs and sweeteners in our food.

Healthy Food Discussion Series: 
Wednesdays: November 14th and December 5th, 2012
at 7 to 8:30pm!
Hampton Bays Library, 52 Ponquogue Ave
Hampton Bays, NY 11946.

To RSVP, (to prepare enough hand-outs) please Contact:
Hampton Bays Library 631 728-6241
Walk Ins (of all ages) are most welcome! Bring anyone you know who eats food!

What’s the big deal over GMOs (genetically modified organisms)  that are in over 70% of what we find on our Grocer’s (even Whole Foods, too) shelves? GREAT NEWS!!! Did you know that we now have a way to get GMO's Labeled in New York?? HOUSE BILL NO A01367 New York State Right to Know and SENATE BILL NO  SO3908 New York State Right To Know will be up in January 2013's Legislative Session, and our local Assemblyman, Fred Thiele is a courageous co-sponsor of the House Bill!

Why do 61 Nations mandate GMO Labeling or outright Bans on GMO's BUT NOT THE USA (or CANADA)? If GMOs are safe, LABEL THEM LIKE SUGAR, SALT AND TRANS FATS ARE LABELED. We have the right to know. If these GMO's are so safe, PROUDLY LABEL THEM NOW!

1)    Over 70% of what we find on our grocers (even Whole Foods, & Trader Joe’s, too) shelves. How do we know which are and are NOT GMO?

2)    Poisons from herbicides, pesticides and agricultural chemical sprays on our food, air, soils and water are now present in 100% of the women and fetuses, according to a new Canadian Study-GreenMedInfo.com. The scientists were looking for 5 basic toxins. Those include:

  • Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide sprayed on GMO crops)
  • Gluphosinate (an herbicide sprayed on GMO crops)
  • AMPA (a metabolite of glyphosate sprayed on GMO crops)
  • 3-MMPA (a metabolite of gluphosinate sprayed on GMO crops)
  • Cry1Ab (the Bt toxin of gluphosinate sprayed on GMO crops)

3)    The above (#1)  corroborates a German University study finding glyphosate (Roundup sprayed on GMO crops) in all urine samples tested in women.

4)    Sugar, Salt, Trans Fats, Vitamin and Mineral and ingredient content are already on food labels in the USA. Adding a label that lists GMO Ingredients is a matter of basic Editing, NOT the claimed huge added costs cited by those who have spent $47Million to fight GMO Labels.

5)    US Spends $77 BILLION a year in Healthcare costs due to FOOD CONTAMINATION.

6)    Who is spent nearly $50M, $1 MILLION a day to fight labeling initiative CA. Prop 37 – that would have mandated Labeling GMO ingredients of all food sold in the state of California?  

7)    To learn about GMOs watch Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of our Lives, GMO documentary, including subtitle options in Spanish and English (for the hearing impaired) please visit http://www.geneticroulettemovie.com(Kathleen Furey is credited for providing research for this film.)

There is a lot we can do, together, to portect our food supply and mandate healthy food in our schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. Can we tawwwk??

More on Kathleen Furey, Truth About GMO's, Educator-Speaker, Researcher, CA GMO Education Tour Coordination,  Institute For Responsible Technology

Hey, We've All Gotta Eat!

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Deborah Klughers November 12, 2012 at 07:32 PM
I just started a petition to President Obama to "Require labeling of all foods that are genetically modified and foods that contain genetically modified ingredients." For our President to consider our petition we need 25,000 signaures by December 12. Please go to the White House petition page and sign this very important petition. http://wh.gov/9osS Please pass the link on to everyone you know who eats food. http://wh.gov/9osS. The petition reads: "American citizens should have the right to know if the food we eat contains genetically modified ingredients, but under current FDA regulations, we do not. Over 1 million people submitted comments to the FDA through the 'Just Label It' campaign in favor of labeling genetically modified foods. The FDA has yet to act. America is the only industrialized nation that does not require labeling of genetically modified foods. President Obama, we the undersigned American citizens demand to know what is in our food! We demand the right to know if the foods we eat contain genetically modified ingredients. Please require mandatory labeling of all genetically modified foods so that the American public will have the freedom to choose whether to consume genetically modified foods or not." http://wh.gov/9osS


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