What Our Readers Think: Can Canoe Place Inn Help Hampton Bays

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On Wednesday, Westhampton-Hampton Bays Patch interviewed Stan Glinka, president of the Hampton Bays Chamber of Commerce. During the interview, Glinka said Hampton Bays needs to put itself on the map and one way to do that is through the refurbishment of the Canoe Place Inn.

Patch readers had a lot to say about the topic, from disagreeing with Glinka to offering up ideas like bringing a theater to the area, separating from the Town of Southampton and incorporating a museum or concert hall at Canoe Place Inn. Others asked that the green line that runs down Main Street, prompting locals to refer to Main Street as the Emerald Highway, be paved over.

The following is a round-up of comments. Feel free to add to the conversation by posting a comment below.

Sharon said, "Canoe Place Inn is not the answer, will not "solve" all the other problems."

Peter wrote, "40 town homes built on 3 acres as part of the CPI deal? Maybe Glinka should talk about this ridiculous part of the deal."

STB added, "Stan Glinka’s belief that the restoration of the CPI as a catering hall will lead to a trickle effect, improving Hampton Bays, by the purchasing of last-minute gifts, dresses and shoes is naïve at best. Hampton Bays has an identity and currently it is not one that brings pride to most residents. Hampton Bays is not going through an identity crisis; the crisis is one of pride. Hampton Bays is an exceptional place with many assets. One day the CPI will be one of those assets but it will take more than the opening of the CPI as a catering hall to transform Hampton Bays. What will transform Hampton Bays are people whom care about its future and are willing to do something about it."

lynn said, "Bashing Hampton Bays and airing its dirty laundry won't help either. I was initially against the "restoration" of CPI, but seeing the project presented to the public recently, I was impressed. Will it solve all our problems? Of course not. But we have one of the best locations in the Hamptons--access to ocean, bays, Southampton, Westhampton, Riverhead for shopping. Drive or walk across the Ponquogue Bridge and tell me we don't have a little slice of heaven! Let's talk it up instead of down so that people learn to value what we have, instead of read all the complaints and say, "Boy, I'm not moving there."

SUsan Crimi responded, "I agree with YOU Lynn!"

baymen wrote, "Start with a bull dozer at cpi take a good look the place is a un kept dump start over with a new safe modern building and create jobs lets get real."

Laurie Shand added, "I think CPI should be knocked down and new waterfrount restaurants and shopping should be placed there. The strip mallls in town should also get a face lift. There should be code inforced laws about the businesses that are in the strip malls to all look uniformed and adding more stores so it looks more like a quiant town than a parking lot. Take a look at Southhampton and Easthampton and lets bring the pretty towns to Hampton Bays."

michael responded, "Laurie, great idea but the town planners have stifled every new idea for the past 20+ years, I was at the meeting when the owners wanted to do a facelift on the squietown resturaunt exterior before they opened a few years ago. They had a wonderful concept and their design was tremendous, however the planning board did not see it that way. Look at it now."

Penelope Jayaswal said, "I disagree with Laurie, we do need a catering hall and a place to have concerts, because there are too many restaurants here already. The catering hall will bring business to town. Look at the Vineyards on the North Fork how busy they are with all kinds of functions. A concert Hall will also bring business if there are venues that people will pay to see and hear. We are the only town with out that. Westhampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor and East Hampton all have their little theaters as well as Montauk which has its playhouse! We could use some refinement in Hampton Bays."

michael wrote, "The only thing that will improve hampton bays is seperating from the town of southampton's grip, we have had the same planners who will drag you threw the mud if you do not do it there way, which is why most of the buildings are so delapidated. If you do not believe me, go around and speak with the owners of the buildings. The business district is a joke with that ridiculas green line down the center! If the line will remain green, please rename the montauk highway the emerald highway so when the homeless, drug addicts, drunks and all who come to this hole know which way the bar is!"

Meatball said, "Tear it down and cart the rubble to the dump where it belongs. (CPI) I have driven through the entire East End and cannot find a green and red line anywhere else, why does Hampton Bays have to have this? I hear people calling it the Emerald highway. Pave the Montauk hwy paint the lines properly redo all sidewalks. Look at all of the surrounding hamlets and villages, plenty of shopping and stores. Hampton Bays should be its own town."

Barbara Leat offered, "I don't think CPI should be torn down. It's a historical building, been there for years........needs restoring and I think the town should own it. Make it a museum for the things Hampton Bays is known for and make part of it (if possible as I don't know the sq. footage of the place) a place to eat, drink and be merry !!"

Barbara Leat said, "I think Penelope has a great idea as well. A concert hall and a catering hall. I'm sure CPI could open with Billy Joel. He's big on helping the Island. And many more who live/vacation out here could have concerts here. And that always brings in big money."

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Erica Jackson (Editor) September 30, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Tj Monaghan said via Facebook, "CPI WAS A CASH COW FOR HAMPTON BAYS back in the day! Between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the late 80's the place brought in 3 million dollars a year on average!(and was only open for 45 nights) If you want to put Hampton Bays back on the map REOPEN CPI AS A NITE CLUB!!"
Erica Jackson (Editor) September 30, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Nancy Norton Wilson said via Facebook: "Tear it down, for what? To put up more condos? Have you seen the traffic jams around here lately? I say fix her up and make her into a concert hall!! That's actually a good idea!!!!"
Algebra September 30, 2012 at 10:45 PM
And therre won't be traffic from the concerts?
Thomas Blydenburgh October 01, 2012 at 03:00 AM
I say restore the CPI back to its original state but why does the town have to give the Rechlers what they want condos on the East side of the canal with a sewage plant, why not get them to buy the property on Foster and let them finish that. Now about Hampton Bays I think the town should stop letting us be a dumping ground for the other towns rif raf and problem people and look at the Recklers and what went on with the ski mountain in Riverhead I think they should just stay doing what they do best strip malls up Island that are mostly empty and run down
E. Trillo October 01, 2012 at 09:15 PM
The CPI is in very bad shape. if the Rechlers want to restore it and spend the money needed to do it right that's fine. The currently published $5,000,000 budget is not enough to repair this building and the five cottages properly. There is about 41,000 sq feet of space in the buildings on the site. These buildings need to be completely rebuilt. In the Hamptons the cost of basic building is at least $250 per sq ft. That comes to $10,250,000. The cost to landscape the property is in addition to this amount. The CPI site alone would not require a PDD or zoning change to get started with the work. The septic system systems on the site need to be upgraded as part of the restoration. Building the 40 condos on another site adjacent to the Shinnecock Canal should have nothing to do with the restoration of the CPI. These two projects should be handled as individual projects by the Town of Southampton planning department.


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