East Quogue Cell Tower, A Step Closer to Formal Review

Pre-submision application was accepted for Quogue cell tower, 27east reports.

A pre-submission application for a 100-foot, T-Mobile cell tower to be built behind the on Montauk Highway was approved by the Town of Southampton Planning Board last week, according to an article published by 27east.

The article reports that the approval now allows T-Mobile a year to file a formal site plan application, however, the planning board has asked T-Mobile "to tweak its proposal—namely, ask to build a shorter tower because the 100-foot-tall version does not meet the town’s “fall zone” requirements—for it to have a chance of securing approval."

and the East Quogue Civic Association have long opposed the cell tower. The launched a campaign that aims to rid T-mobile from the equation and — the fire district install a tower strictly for their own communications.

Meanwhile, East Quogue residents have taken the fight to the Internet. Their website, called No T-Mobile Tower in East Quogue, which disseminates information and asks residents to sign an e-petition that states that they do not want a cell tower to be erected.

The has maintained that there is a gap in communication and the tower is necessary to close that gap. The fire district will also collect $2,200 a month from T-mobile in rent.

The Planning Department's approved report is attached to this article in a PDF format.

What do you think of a cell tower in East Quogue? Post a comment below.

Carol Combes March 29, 2012 at 01:31 PM
DOES NOT FIT IN. Yesterday I was leaving the Westhampton Walbaums and look up. I could see from there the cell tower sticking up in the sky located over by Sunset Ave. This cell tower is painted blue. There are two story buildings and trees all around the area. Go look and see. Carol
Erica Jackson (Editor) March 29, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Laura Saulle Schmelzer said via Facebook, "I personally think it's crap if this goes thru. The people in the EQ community don't want it. This is not a ques. of supporting the Fire Dept., which we all do. It's what's right for the community and this is not. I don't think people realize what this tower will look like and once it's up it's not coming down. The fire dept. should support the community that has ALWAYS supported them."
Homer Simpson March 30, 2012 at 02:21 PM
this is just stupid. East Quogue has two fires a year. You can handle communications with a bull horn. If your commisioners are not going to listen to the community, they need to be voted out. Anyone know when the next election is?


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