Aerial Photos: Beach Line Thinning or Not?

Environmentalist Aram Terchunian says a storm surge caused the high tide lines.

From Westhampton to Southampton, ocean beaches appeared as though they were starting to signs of erosion last week with the high tide line reaching to protective fences and even the dunes.

However, environmentalist Aram Terchunian, M.Sc., of First Coastal Corporation, said the beaches are actually looking good for this time of year and that the high tide line was caused by an off-shore storm surge.

"We are presently experiencing elevated surf conditions were the wave runup is going close to the toe of the dune," said Terchunian on Friday. However, he added, "There is no erosion of the dune itself. This is how beaches and dunes normally react to these elevated surf conditions."

Terchunian said that once the surf condition eases, "the wave runup will reduce and the dry beach will increase."

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Stinker October 22, 2012 at 05:33 PM
of course the environmentalist knows that its doing both right? let there be no doubt that the *ahem* high tide caused the high tide line. on that intricate finding there should be no dispute. experts....
leslie October 23, 2012 at 06:51 PM
Mother nature will do whatever she wants and the human race cannot stop it no matter what they try....


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