LI Ghost Author to Appear at the Quogue Libary

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky will be at the Quogue Library on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Just in time for Halloween, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky, author of a series of Long Island ghost books, will hold a talk at the Quogue Library on Saturday at 2 p.m.

During the event, Brosky, who also hosts a weekly Internet radio segment on Blogtalk Radio, called, "The Kerriann & Joe Show - Spirit Connection," said she will discuss her LI Ghost series and the ghosts and haunts she has written about with the help of Hampton Bays' ghost hunter Joe Giaquinto.

Brosky, who considers herself a historian and soccer mom as opposed to a ghost hunter, released the first of her popular ghost books in 2006.

To write the books, Brosky said she researched the history of each haunted place she wrote about and also went on a series of ghost hunts with Giaquinto to find out if the spots were really haunted.

Locally, she's explored the Montauk Mannor, the Rogers Museum, the Halsey House, and the Wickham Farm in Cutchogue.

"Where there is a lot of history, there tends to be more activity," said Brosky, noting that she has found that more energy usually sticks around from historical periods, such as the Revolutionary war.

As she makes her way around the speaking circuit, Brosky says she is constantly hearing new ghost stories and she expects to hear some new ones this Saturday.

"Ghosts and spirits are everywhere. They are around us all the time," she said.

But, Brosky said she hasn't been on any new ghost hunts lately. Instead, she has been focusing on the release of her newest book, called Medal, a novel — her first piece of fiction.

Her latest work, which took her three years to write and was released on Sept. 25, is a story based on Padre Pio, who bore the five wounds of Christ and performed miracles.

Moving into fiction was no easy task for Brosky, who said that she had to sequester herself in her office to work on it, but she said she enjoyed doing it.

"I was able to create my own characters," said. "It is much different from being out in the world investigating, researching and climbing into attics and basements.

So far, Browky, who is a five-time, award-winning author and who has been featured in a number of publications including, The New York Times, Newsday and Distinctionmagazine, said her new book has been well-received.

For more information on Browky's books, click here.


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