Great White Heads Back Out to Sea

Mary Lee created a sensation while visiting the Hamptons.

A great white shark, named Mary Lee, caught the attention of many, including the national media, after her Hamptons layover earlier this week. She is now heading back out to sea, according to OCEARCH.

Mary Lee, a 16-foot, 3,456-pound carcharodon carcharias, came close to the Quogue shoreline on Wednesday night, moving by Thursday morning to visit East Hampton and finally Montauk.

As of Friday at 1 p.m., she was heading away from the Hamptons and further into the Atlantic.

Her movements can be tracked here.

As reported by Patch on Wednesday, Mary Lee was captured and tagged in Cape Cod using real-time technology by OCEARCH, a Utah-based nonprofit organization, in September 2012.

She has since made her way to Florida and back, swimming mostly along the coastline.

OCEARCH said this is the first time in history that researchers are able to monitor an Atlantic great white and hope to learn more about the species, including their breeding habits, to both dispel the Jaws myth and affect policy.

OCEARCH says millions of sharks are finned each year for soup.

To read more about Mary Lee, click here.


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