Illegal Apartment Violations Down; Overcrowding Still a Concern

Code enforcement officers say Hampton Bays ranks one of the highest for citations.

Hampton Bays is one of the in the Town of Southampton and with that, code enforcement officers say the hamlet also ranks as one of the highest for citations for illegal housing, just under Flanders and Riverside.

This year, code enforcement officers say that of the 79 illegal apartment violations issued across Southampton's 18 hamlets, ten of those were handed out in Hampton Bays. That doesn't include 13 violations that were dispensed to those failing to obtain rental permits for legal apartments or 148 violations that were issued for various other code violations including, noise, dark skies, junk vehicles, property maintenance and excessive vehicles.

While Hampton Bays had the second highest number of illegal apartment violations, next to the hamlets of Flanders and Riverside, where a recent raid found 18 people living in an auto repair shop, the number of summonses is down from 2010.  In that year, a total of 55 summonses were issued town wide; 23 were given out in Hampton Bays.

has stated that overcrowding is a major concern in Hampton Bays, which is the densest hamlet in Southampton, and has been working with code enforcement to improve the situation. She believes her work on that front is why the number is down.

However, calls continue to flood the code enforcement office from residents complaining of code violations. So far this year, some 1,087 complaints were logged by Hampton Bays residents. Last year, 1,237 complaints were taken.

Residents of Hampton Bays have been calling on officials to address the in the hamlet for sometime. It is the main thrust of a update to the town's master plan, which is currently being worked on and the Hampton Bays Civic Association has . 

gale April 01, 2012 at 12:41 AM
I would like to let you know that the owner at the fisherman quarters is fixing alot of things with out permits. Also he has no heat in the rooms for the tenants. He wont fix the furnance. He has no light fixture going up to the rooms which is an accident to happen. It is located on 87 North rd. Hampton Bays


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