Artist: Photo Represents Spiritual Past and Present

Patricia Robinson explains what her art is all about.

Earlier this week, Patch featured a photograph by Westhampton Beach artist Patti Robinson and asked readers what they thought of it in a series we call, First Impressions.

The following is what readers had to say:

said, "Dark night with snow covered trees, cold in the wind and a bird by degrees, lights gently a-hand, brings peace to my soul and beauty to the land."

said, "It invites a peaceful feeling and a connection to nature that renews the spirit. The expressive way it evokes kindness and a child-like relationship with the environment is refreshing. It's wonderful!"

wrote, "A moment quite literally torn out of time."

offered,"A peacefulness evocative of giving. Even when the wind blows and snow falls. Even when the birds have flown south. But return in daydreams thru time."

Andsaid, "Sustenance. Nurturing nature. Harmony & balance."

The Artist's Turn

Robinson says the photo was taken at the Morton Wildlife Refuge in Noyac — a great place, she says to take the kids. The photo shows her son's hand.  At the time the shot was taken while he was feeding a bird.

"Sometimes we only realize that an experience was really magical when we look back on it.  The afternoon I took this photo I was completely aware that it was a real gift be able to share this kind of creative adventure. When he was feeding the bird, I saw something that perfectly represented what I was feeling. After the image was completed it took on an additional meaning, more of a spiritual representation of past and present, ghosts and memories."

Robinson says the image was created using the Polaroid transfer process, which, she says always has a large element of chance involved no matter how well you know it.

"I love surprises and the unpredictable interaction with the medium along with the truly old school process," she said.

Editor's Note: First Impressions is curated by East Quogue artist Meryl Spiegel. If you would like to be a part of this series, e-mail Erica.Jackson@Patch.com.


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